Don't shoot the messenger!  Ohio Land Management rec'd a late afternoon call from one of our neighbors in Mahoning county.  He stated he just signed for $5800 an acre and 20% with Buckeye.


All bets are off landowners!  The price of the Utica carbonate shale is now leveling off with the rest of the play.  I just hope many of us have not signed for 3K or 4K.

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Geez, Ron, are they paying you per thread created or what?

Brett, I strongly resent that statement.  I believe I have proven here that I am a landowner advocate as well as a farmer (shrimp).  If it comes out today that the price is indeed $5800/20% then I believe I am only helping my community as I have always set out to do.  Please google


Lastly, my writings are popular because of full disclosure, unless the info. is proprietary.  Also, good luck with your community well in Lake Milton and remember we are your neighbors there too.

I think you misunderstood my  (obvious to me now) poor attempt at a joke. I do enjoy your articles and thread initiations as they are clever and provoke responses, and those repsonses in turn help draw out more and more information for all of us. Maybe I caught you at a bad time? 
Brett, no problem, just wanted to make sure no one reads the post in a wrong way.  Also, keep us informed about your well in Lake Milton, all eyes are on what that rig produces, if they let us know.
Good job Ron ,I personally enjoy the variety ,it keeps the boredom and stress at a reasonable distance , keep on keepin on,   I hope I can find  good new upper rate to post , like any minute now would be good   mick



   Wow!!! I may be wrong but I believe Buckeye mineral is a new land owners group.

Information trickling out is that it is Bob Rae's new for profit group as they phase out the nonprofit ALOV.  Now remember, this is new info. and some of our landowners are heading to their offices to sign up and verify.  The landowner who signed up is very reputable in Mahoning county so I do not doubt his statements.  But.....haven't I always been writing that we should be treated the same as the lower Utica counties that are leasing at over 5K?  After all, the second Utica well was sunk in Lake Milton a year ago.

So if Buckeye Mineral is a landowners group do they have an actual lease from an oil company for $5800/20% or is this just their stated goal? Landowner groups get people in by setting high goals.  Not all of them reach that goal. Its important to know the difference.

And if you join the group how long is the commitment? And are you sogning a marketing agreement or an actual lease that they will package and resale?

Mahoning may or may not get that kind of offer. Shale plays vary by the township or even by the mile. Its unrealistic to expect the entire area to get the same considerations.  Who knows, Mahoning someday be even better but all the mapping and data indicate otherwise for now.

Jim, give me a call about the airport. 


In regards to Buckeye, we have to agree that the ALOV and Rae have been very successful in one thing.....getting landowners money and at the time the highest amounts.  The big question is: "What did the ALOV get for the recent 25000 acres?"  I would bet, near $5K or exactly $5800, it makes no sense otherwise and the play has really not been a guessing game but a methodical one.

I have heard this same information from multiple sources.   I believe that is the accepted lease price- and they are signing with the O/G company.  I also believe it may not be CHK this time... although do not quote me... maybe Gulfport.   I read so much on a daily basis - although reading comprehension is my strong suit.... there is a lot "out there" and not all of it accurate.

Ron - now that you are a farmer,  if you needed veterinary care for your shrimp, let me know.  OF course the only way to properly diagnose is to taste test, over linguine. 


Nope...the deal is with Chesapeake and was brokered by Bob Rae's new company...


On an even better note, ALOV group members should be expecting a letter soon from ALOV that supposedly will make them VERY happy...





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