Now that the news from Consol`s 2Q report is behind us, what do you see for their immediate and future plans?  Where will they build well pads and drill?   Where will they "high grade" opportunities for future drilling?  What about the airport project?  Will they sell off the remaining coal properties?   What will Consol look like in 18 months?

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If rumors are true they are going to start a Utica drilling program in Marshall County Wv in 2017 in the Majorsville storage field.

Consol management is terrible.  Look for this company to file bankruptcy or be bought out.  I can't believe the board of directors is letting their top management team stay in place.  Very little field experience always emulating what other companies are doing.  Until there is a shakeup at the top, very little is likely to change.

hopefully they will go under ! they been stealing for years around here serves them right .i know they make jobs but ,what comes around go around i guess you would not believe what consol and cnx get away with in Greene county and nothing is said because they own everyone here. 

Any new news about Consol?   Are they still drilling at the airport?  How about the coal or gas divisions?  Are they for sale?


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