I’m bringing this topic over from the shaleforum. Does anyone know the intentions of these guys? As of yesterday they have leased over 10,000 acres(April 2017- present) in Knox county. Some info from shaleforum members include: they are paying $100/acre for all strata and East Ohio Oil and Gas is a shell company for Western Land Services. Any other information is appreciated.


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,,,meanwhile back at the home place each and every one of the nay-sayers are enjoying the cheap warmth of fossil fuels, using electricity fueled by fossils, driving to their meetings powered by fossil fuel  on roads paved with fossil materials by equipment that runs on fossil fuels.  Years ago I told one of these groups that I would respect the opinion of any one of them that walked to the meeting and did not do so on improved roads ,and were not wearing anything made from oil and were willing to go outside and stand in the heat instead of absorbing the A/C in the building.

I am more than a bit tired of being accused of profiteering from my land  by people whose very lives and life styles depend on the crops grown there  and the cheap oil that lies beneath it.

Truth of the matter is all they care about is NOT IN MY BACK YARD!! has nothing  to do with the environment as a whole.

Well said Butch


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