Does anyone have any experience with EdgeMarc? I haven't heard of them before but I've been told they're starting to lease in my area.

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They have done some leasing in Butler County, PA and paid out bonus money in the 3K per acre range six months or so back. I inquired if they were leasing in my area, but they are not.

Thanks Oliver. I saw this morning on the Washington cty. group page that they have been recording leases for a month or so. I believe also in southern Monroe cty.

Edge Marc this week is offering landowners 6k  per acre for leasing in riverfront area of Monroe County, Ohio.  I don't know the royalty %.

Do you know if that includes the Benton township area?

I don't know, but will find out and post it here.

You would have said that if the price was $10,000/acre.

I've leased with EdgeMark and was paid partially just last week. Only 2.6 of the 14 acres but was told my check for the remaining amount would arrive "very soon".  No explanation for the partial payment though.  I'm in Fairview twp, Butler county, PA.

J. D.   finally found out that Edge Marc is leasing in Benton Twp. area  20% royalty. 

Gross or enhansement cost added?

Haven't seen the lease/clause personally, but was told by someone who signed this week that yes, it does have a market enhancement clause.

Grapevine says Edge Marc will drill two wells in Monroe County, Ohio:  one in Benton Twp. and one in Perry Twp.  As the crow flies grapevine says they would be fairly close to each other.   Will try to confirm locations.  Anyone already know?

The Odnr map shows one well site for EM just south of Antioch.


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