Does anyone have any experience with EdgeMarc? I haven't heard of them before but I've been told they're starting to lease in my area.

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The Odnr map shows one well site for EM just south of Antioch.


Yes, one well with a Marcellus lateral and a Utica lateral permitted for section 9 of Perry Twp. Monroe Co.  lol it looks as if they are calling it JAWS--what a name.

Just today learned that another one is staked out in Benton Twp.  think it is in section 13 which would be north of some vertical Marcellus wells in sections 17 or 23.

Also a third well is planned by Edgemarc somewhere near the western edge of Monroe and the eastern edge of Washington.

Was this a lease or an offer to purchase your rights?

What area are you in and how much land do you have?
That is one of the higher offers I have seen for purchase of mineral rights, but I'm sure many on here would advise you not to sell them. What are lease offers like in your area? Are your neighbors leased with anyone? There are many things to consider and I'm sure there are many on this site with input on lease vs sale.

It's Edge Marc Energy. They are leasing rights and are actual drillers. They leased my property and I'm very happy with the bonus and the terms of the lease. They paid promptly as well. You can Google them to find their website and a variety of articles. They say on their website that they are concentrating on Washington and Monroe counties in Ohio and one in PA and are still looking for more acreage to lease. They do have a well permitted in Washington county right now and plan for 170+ more in those areas by the end of 2017.  They are being backed financially by Goldman Sachs so serious cash and serious drillers. 


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