My wife has a fractional interest in 1/4 acre, from inheritance (fathers' side) dating back to early 1900's. The minerals are located in Wetzel County, WV. A landman contacted, and provided a standardized lease, with 18%, and small bonus money, 5 year primary, 5 year secondary terms. In considering the liability of lease performance clauses; deductions, etc. would you be better to lease, or, go "non-leased" to gain a greater return on production in the long run? Her mother does own other substantial interests in the same county, so I am concerned about the "contiguous/adjacent" land clauses, or, other lease interest complications, that an oil company might try to go after.  

Thanks for any input from Marcellus Members.


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What company approached u. We just signed our 2nd lease with antero for 5k acre and deductions. Were split with half in wetzel and tyler. Were on 8 mile

I believe the company was South Western; SWN Production Company, LLC.



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