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Marathon found gas on our land, but they're not paying us (yet). A legal error long ago means I have to prove we own the land, but it is worth it? If it's $50 a year, it's probably not worth a legal battle, but it could be quite a bit.
Does anyone have a well in Kingfisher, and is it producing enough to be worth a lawyer? The property is...
Section 2
Township 15 North
Range 6 West of the IM.
Anyone familiar with the area and know if any wells nearby are profitable? Any tips on dealing with Marathon appreciated too.

Many thanks.

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Do you know what you have to do to prove your ownership?  Sometimes it can just be gathering some documents and giving them to the company, which may not require an attorney.  It's hard to say without knowing the specifics of your situation, but if they are producing from "your" land, they are most likely paying somebody (else) royalties, otherwise, it could be a sticky situation for them.  Normally in a situation where they need additional documents/information to prove your ownership, they will get that information from you before drilling a well.  Also, are you talking about a marcellus/utica well, or some shallower formation?

Edit: Just read your "reference" thread.  They usually pay whoever their attorneys tell them to, so in this case, their attorneys probably told them to pay those heirs for some reason.  It's really hard to say without seeing specifics.  Also, I assume you are in Ohio from your description of the property?  You can go to the ODNR interactive well map site and get production numbers if you are in Ohio.  Also, if in Ohio, does this have to do with the dormant minerals act?


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