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Hi John, 

Did you just join to share this lovely tidbit?   This has been discussed here in the past.  Once again let's not panic without having all the information.   Ever wonder how those folks in TX ever conduct a real estate transaction?  Obviously there are lenders that are very experienced in dealing with gas and oil leases.  Even here in the PA and OH,  lots of acreage has changed hands with oil and gas leases in effect on the financed property.   THink about it a bit, in the recent leasing boom, many landowners have learned they have old leases that hold their properties - and most of those properties have been bought and sold numerous times.   In other words most banks and lending institutions paid no attention to previous or existing leases.  There are dozens of shallow wells on properties which have change hands with zero issues. 

Let's take it to the next logical step - as Michael mentioned Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may have issues with properties with gas leases.  They also do not finance or buy mortgages on any property over 5 acres.   Since properties 5 acres and under will never have a pad their worries are unfounded.    On the other hand if the five acres of land is next to a 300 acre farm - that 5 acres may end up next to a pad.  And Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have no control over such, nor does the property owner, leased or not.   So until FM and FM etc not only don't lend to lessors but also don't lend to anyone who lives next to someone with a lease (imagine the due diligence involved there.... must title search every other land owner in the section etc) this is all smoke. 

Anyone who is purchasing properties that actually may have a pad isn't using those cookie cutter mortgage lenders/banks as they don't finance such properties (acreage) because they can't sell the mortgage.   Guaranteed there are plenty of lenders that are going to more than willing to lend to those in heavy leasing areas.    

John,  Just as Michael said.  Go to a local bank.  We just got a equity loan and the bank thought it was great we might be leasing.  You have to remember if a bank doesn't have much funds on hand or a lot of REO paper it can limit what they can loan.  It can just be the easiest excuse they have to politley say no.  They are not going to say we are only in a position to loan to the top 1/2 % of borrowers who are not borrowing anyway. 

This is not true.  We just refinanced our home with an additional $30,000 added on for home improvements.  Our rate was originally 8%.  Our new rate is 4%.  We are almost four years into our five year lease with Cabot.  Our home appraised 25% higher than BEFORE home prices collapsed.  We told our bank about our gas lease when we applied, and all they wanted was a copy of the lease.  There was absolutely no problem with our refinance due to our gas lease.

  Lori, Do you mind if I ask what bank you went with? We were told by 5 separate banks that they would not accept a property with a gas lease. I am in Susquehanna Co as well. Thanks, Dave 

I was faced with a lender that demanded all royalties till the loan was paid in full. The Clinton well was already in progress and I said no. Well next thing was the driller called and said hey we have a problem, really?  I said that the demand by the loaner was very rude I was current in my loan with no late payments.  Well we need to do something he said. I said you know the banks you set it up. Within a 1/2 hour he called back, went to another bank, they paid off the loan , no big closing fees  no bull crap closed the next day and life went on! 

i have a lease and just got a loan....look around there are banks that will work with you!

Billy Park,

Is demanding all royalties till the loan is paid off even legal?  I would put in a few phone calls and call them on it.  Sounds like someone had a personal vendetta (or jealousy) against leased land owners.


Our bank is Penn Star, Lenox Branch.  It was never an issue.  In fact, some of the people working there have leased property as well. 

  Thanks, I though about trying them but after being told by so many others I just assumed it would be the same response. I will give them a call as well. Dave

I just got a home equity loan through PNC and they never asked or cared. Im sure it showed up when they ran title.

   Home equity was never a problem as far as I know. But PNC would not do a first MTG refi either. They were one of the ones I called. I was looking at lowering my rates anything above 3% just doesn't seem worth it. Thanks, Dave

Why in the H would you try to get a loan?

  Buy now anyone that visits GOMS knows that until you get cash in hand for your lease you'd be foolish to try and spend what you think you will get.

   Many a time in here we see where leases were signed but never paid.

 Depending upon area  with some paying in the area of $5,000 to $6,000/acre why would a person want a home equity loan? At $6,000 per acre with any acreage at all the amount would be enough to pay off a mortgage in cash with a positive balance of a good chunk of money.

   If you get into a well even more $$$$$$$$$

   Right now the most important thing a landowner can do is to stay away from a bank! Why endanger a asset that would be taken away at a heart beat if you were injured and couldn't make payments?


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