I see there is some interest in parts of Guernsey Count particulary the north eastern portion.  Can anyone elaborate on this?  Possibley we even need a Guernsey Co. group.  Thanks!

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Mike, does that mean that artex made money on our land by re leasing to Anadarko? Or did they contract Anadarko to drill Artex's leased lands?
Probably both

thanks Mike, appreciate all your help.. Good luck to you..



Finnbear, thanks for your help also!!
Hey to ALL Guernsey Co. KWGD Group 5 members... I know that if you follow very many of the postings around this area I am starting to sound like a broken record, but oh well.  I just want to try to let as many of group members know that there have been some recent developments within the group & I believe that ALL Guernsey Co. members will be interested in hearing what they are.  If you have provided the firm with your email, you should have an email detailing them, if not you may want to contact them, or plan on making the meeting this Thursday (10/13/11) 6pm @ the Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center in Cambridge...  & I think this is gonna be my last post on this.  Sorry if I have bored anybody, but I just thought this should be made well known.
You are better than twitter.........haha....nice job.
Lol... Do what I can!
Even if you are not currently a member of KWGD group 5, amd your neighbor or neighbors are, and you are a landowner in Guernsey county, you will want to attend Thursdays meeting.

That is true!  OR new members, who with their neighbors have 320 contiguous acres next to each other. These landowners can be in any Township in Guernsey County, Ohio.


They can also add landowners in any of the following Townships: Londonderry, Madison, Monroe, Oxford & Washington regardless of whether they are contiguous with current group members or not as long as they have over 10 acres. 


Just for the information, I attended the meeting at Pritchard Laughlin tonight. Started out with quite a crowd , but it wasn't long before they started abandoning the ship. All I can say is I'm very glad I'm part of the KWGD group.

Wonder what their reasoning was for jumping ship?  Did you happen to notice what they were discussing when people started leaving?


Several folks were interested in taking a copy of the lease to their attorney, but apparently that wasn't in the cards. Also, you had to already be a member of the group in order to sign-on for the $4800 or $ 5100 or be in one of a few chosen  N.E. Townships. Apparently I must of skipped over that part in their ad??


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