I see there is some interest in parts of Guernsey Count particulary the north eastern portion.  Can anyone elaborate on this?  Possibley we even need a Guernsey Co. group.  Thanks!

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Have they successfully brought any groups in ohio to lease acceptance?
I'm not sure about Ohio. They said they have brought several groups to signing though and a Firm I have used in Columbus recommends them for this sort of thing.
I just had a very detailed e mail conversation with one of the principals At KWD named Nathan Vaughn. He answered some very precise questions without hesitation and was very detailed in his responses. I really like everything he had to say & would encourage everyone to check them out. They are planning meetings in Noble & Guernsey in next 2 weeks or so.  Very professional. I would be happy to share the conversation with anyone who would be interested.

i would like to add to this discussion that according to the kwgd (w***********) advertisement for the past cambridge meeting they represent landowners in noble, belmont, harrison, tuscarawas, columbiana, carroll and of course guernsey counties. they have a good website with the two attorney's bios (williams/vaughan) who are working with the landowner's groups, some articles that they've written and a link for other oil and gas information.  there is another blog "meeting with kwdg" guernsey county going that contains some info.  they consider the landowners in their group to be their clients...i think we're all realizing the importance of a good attorney to help us make some tough decisions


For sure this is an area where we all need someone who has the expertise. I do not. I also think we need to find a good G&O accountant (CPA).  

in april, i attended a meeting at which dale arnold, director, energy policy of the ohio farm bureau association spoke about oil & gas leasing issues.  at my request, he sent me a list of landowner approved (oil/gas) attorneys.  mr. williams of kwgd was on that list along with three other attorneys,  the list also contained the names of atttorney recommended attorneys (three) who work with oil/gas issues.  to request the list, mr. arnold's email address is darnold@ofbf.org. most are in the columbus/cleveland area, one is newcomerstown area.  mr. williams is in akron/canton/new philadelphia area.
Have you heard when the next meeting is. I am very interested is this group. Have researched them alot and they are at top of my list. Have been waiting on the next Guernsey area meeting.

Hey Scott,

I am not certain if KWGD is going to be holding any more open or public meetings in the area.  They were hoping to have the group formed by August 1 & move forward with group member meetings by that point.  If you are truly interested in this group, I would try to email the attorner Nathan Vaughan @ nvaughan@kwgd.com or Machelle Mcburney, the paralegal that is assisting @ mmcburney@kwgd.com.  One of the two should be able to assist you if you are seriously wanting into the group.

Nelson, It was Nathan who told me they were planning on a meeting in next two weeks and I talked to him on Sunday.
Ok, perhaps they are working on putting together another group for Noble, or maybe they are just continuing to hold meetings after the group has hit the initial stages of being formed.  Either way, I really like what they have to say.  My hopes are high that they can back up what they talk about.
Richard Befor you sign check out who you are going to sign with do the leg work. TKS Mike
Has anyone had any discussions with Randy Hunt from Virtual Energy Teams? Putting together a landowner group in Noble Cty now.


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