I was contacted in January by a representative of Northeast Natural Energy regarding 117 acres that my grandfather sold but retained the mineral rights. I have only talked about family genealogy so I am assuming they are researching heirs. No paperwork has been presented but I am doing some research on the company in advance. Any info would be of help. Thanks.

Edited: The property is located in Marion County, WV

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First of all you need an O&G attorney NOW.

You will need help and a lot of protection from so many aspects in leases.

I joined this group to learn more.

This has been a God send.

What state is this?

Marion County, WV..... Sorry I should have put that in the intial post.

You can join the Marion County group Marion County Group

Maybe someone in that group has knowledge of the company.

I agree with JK that you need a good oil and gas attorney.


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