It was reported that Hilcorp assigned a significant amount of leases to Shell in PA.  Many of us landowners involved in leasing with these companies always speculated that Shell and Hilcorp were "buddies."  Shell never seemed to aggressively go head to head with Hilcorp in the obvious wet gas zone.  Hilcorp should be flushed with cash again, they are lead in the midstream infrastructure this far up north in the Utica, they have many permits on the northeastern part of the wet gas zone and they move fast.  Hilcorp like Gulfport maybe the mobile company that shows all of us what really lies under the northern part of the Utica.


My southern Utica friends, my bet is Hilcorp production up here will show us all that the Utica will give up an equal if not more wet gas as has the Gulfport wells.  The only wild card is that Gulfport had to show their cards since the stockholders demanded it, Hilcorp is private and we can only watch them dance. 

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Ron; i have told my story on this site many times. It is there for people to read.  I and Janet both post under our real names and hide nothing.  But Fang, pump-jack, and others hide behind fake names. No one knows who they are, what motivates them, who there allegiances are with, what financial interests they may have.  Why don't you question them instead of blindly cheering them on? Why don't you question who they are and why they are constantly on the attack? Why don't you call for an open and honest dialogue?

Fair enough, everyone who wants to be a part of this discussion should stand by their credentials and expertise.

However, it is your land groups that are having serious problems here in the way your group has conducted themselves according to what we all read here.

So, Jim, are you disclosing that you and Janet have no experience in real estate, oil and gas and land management?  Any formal training?  Any past employment in this field?  Not to be disrespectful, but many fellow landowners need to know this, since from the beginning you both held yourselves up to be "experts."


Nice way of reversing the heat...bravo!  Did you happen to work for the Clinton administration when he was in a bit of a pickle?

Again, there is not a "Cx lease".  They negotiate with multiple companies and wok on the various offers to get the best lease.  It varies from company to company.  Sorry if you can't seem to grasp that.

It's not hard to grasp, it's impossible to verify. How do I know I got the best deal when It can't be compared with anything else.

When the offers are finalized read the final lease.  Then compare with what others got, what other companies are offering. If you don't like it, don't sign. Not so hard to do.

Except any other deals made must abide by the cx marketing agreement.

Or you could send a letter terminating the agreement and get out of it when the term is up. Then pursue your best deal.

Hey, if you don't like our system that is fine.  There are a lot people that feel that they can do better without us.  Thats ok, its a great and free country that gives people lots of options. Only you can decide which is best for you.  Look at all options and make your choice.

Best of luck to you on whatever you decide.

Be sure to read the fine print with this outfit's marketing agreement.

                    I read the fine print first. Doesn't matter who it is !

                   Just use those cable TV providers as an example.

The first year is a good deal but that fine print says how they stick it to ya the second year.

I could deal with one year of a bad deal but these O&G agreements are at least a lifetime agreement. Too many people just want a payday now with little to no personal effort, or willing to wait a few years for a much better deal.

Noone provided me a link to their website. I checked the DEP site and didn't see any permits pending. I mean their company name says energy, so i figured they produced "energy." Am i wrong?

As one who has made a living investing, developing and managing property, what transpired in WPA was very unprofessional.  Now I discover the leaders had no experience whatsoever to manage millions worth of property.


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