It was reported that Hilcorp assigned a significant amount of leases to Shell in PA.  Many of us landowners involved in leasing with these companies always speculated that Shell and Hilcorp were "buddies."  Shell never seemed to aggressively go head to head with Hilcorp in the obvious wet gas zone.  Hilcorp should be flushed with cash again, they are lead in the midstream infrastructure this far up north in the Utica, they have many permits on the northeastern part of the wet gas zone and they move fast.  Hilcorp like Gulfport maybe the mobile company that shows all of us what really lies under the northern part of the Utica.


My southern Utica friends, my bet is Hilcorp production up here will show us all that the Utica will give up an equal if not more wet gas as has the Gulfport wells.  The only wild card is that Gulfport had to show their cards since the stockholders demanded it, Hilcorp is private and we can only watch them dance. 

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You guys aren't really too far from us. I hope the progress is contageous and spreads east! Shell picked off a couple of Hilcorp parcels near and bordering me recently , so I'm hoping for an interesting year. Looks like Unit building time! Let's hope this is our year!

Jim, Glenn, Fang..

I did some research on the parcels that Hilcorp transferred to Co-exprise..This is really odd, none of the parcels are contiguious, they range in areas of 10 - 90 acres, and they are in townships that were NOT a part of the larger Hilcorp assignment to Shell???..Individually they aren't large enough to drill, so the only benefit to Co-exprise will be to become a joint venture partner with Hilcorp??

Again as I said,  this is really, really odd...Your thoughts????


I see Swepi (Shell) just assigned 100 parcels (all Pulaski Twp.) to Hilcorp on Feb.13.

I wonder if they gel with the Co-ex assignment from Hilcorp?

The Lawrence County Recorder of Deeds actually shows a swap of approximately 400 leases.  You can research the website and find the assignment documents. 


01/07/13: Hilcorp assigns leases of 400 parcels to Swepi LP (Shell).

02/13/13 Swepi LP (Shell) assigns leases of 100 parcels to Hilcorp (all in Pulaski twp.)

1/18/13 Hilcorp assigned leases of 5 parcels to Co Exprise Inc. who represented many landowners in negotiations with Hilcorp in Lawrence County previously.

This information is public knowledge as recorded with the County Recorder , and as you said , accessible on their website.


Co exprise is up to 89 parcels assigned to them now. 3/22 and 3/25 saw alot of recording of this fact. Mostly Pulaski with a little Mahoning and North Beaver that is bordering Mahoning Twp. thrown in. I would wager a little more contiguious this time around........? Hmmmmm.

Thanks fang! Very encouraging words! My gut tells me you are right. Thanks again.

Hilcorp I bet will be the Gulfport of the northern Utica, maybe more, they own the midstream infrastructure up here.

Regarding Hilcorp/NiSource Joint Venture-  According to NiSource's 2012 Q4 conference call with investors NiSource CEO indicates the test wells are:

 NGLs, high gas approx 1200 BTU, and approx 6 GPM

do online search to read full excerpt.

Great update!

Can you explain 6 GPM for the landowner? Does this have to do with the content of liquifiable contents of the gas?

Can someone please send me a link to this Co-Exprise O&G Company? I was under the assumption it was just a lawyer sindicate...


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