If you pull up the ODNR well maps of eastern Ohio, unlike most of the laterals spread across the Utica, one will notice Hilcorp's position near the PA border in Mahoning county showing a departure from the norm.  Hilcorp's Super well pad at the Poland Landfill shows tight long laterals underlying a significant portion of Springfield township.  One rig seems to be assigned to this pad and has been there for many weeks.

Now, if you connect the dots of what we know about the Hickory bend pipeline, the Columbiana leg ends in the farthest portion of the Brinker field and notice the unusual large size of the Salem-Grubs well unit, and the newer permits complementing the single lateral already drilled.  Could this be Columbiana's version of Hilcorp's super well?  When my company(Ohio Land Management) negotiated with Hilcorp's reps., in the beginning they were clear about Hilcorp and its focus to do multiwell pads.  Looking at what they have accomplished in the Poland landfill, I never expected a Super well pad like that.

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5 or 7 acres at the most. Gulfports are around 3: I've never heard of a 40 ac. pad. A Super pad is usually just a well site with multiple laterals going 2 directions

If these pads are truly 40 acres, there must be a reason for that amount of acreage.  My guess is that they will be placing holding tanks, driers, separators, compressors pumps and/or more.  There is no need for 40 acres just for the well heads.

That"s what I have been seeing ....What constitutes a "Super Pad".....?

Magnum Hunters wellpad in s.e.ohio. 6 laterals in the Utica, 6 laterals in the Marcellus, and 6 in the upper Devonian. 18 total wells on one pad. Now that's a Super Pad!.  I would like to have just 1 acre in that unit!  Go figure the potential royalties. per acre.

Utica Shale

can you explain how the landowner with the pad gets paid?

Non-issue? I don't think it should be. I think the landowner should be paid for the production on every hole drilled on their land. don"t care where it comes from.


What's the total production per mo. from these 18 wells and how many acres in this unit?

Or does this pad launch out into several units?

Is it all gas or is there oil and liquids in the mix too?

Hi Trapper,

The pad is split into two units.  Each have 4 Utica and 5 Marcellus wells.  The unit that is drilling now is 617 acres according to the plat map on the ODNR web site.  All have 6000' laterals and will be fracked approximately 30 times.

From what I gather from MHR, the Marcellus should be very wet (similar to Ormet) and the Utica should be dry. although I have heard rumblings of the wet Utica line moving eastward.  Gary Evans (MHR CEO) has thrown out incredibly high per day numbers of 20-25MMcf/d for the Utica dry gas.

Any guesses on total revenue from this unit, either per acre or in its entirety?

Shale rocks
@3.50 per mcf and 20 million cubic feet per day,each acre in the unit would gross 14.18 per day @12.5% royalty! Not bad.

Does anyone know of Hilcorps putting a pad  near their cryogenic plant ?

I'm hearing all this talk about super well pads, but no one seems to know how the landowner is being paid.

if anyone has any information on this, how about posting it

OK, no super pads, i agruee. so lets call it pads with multipule wells. same thing. now i'm negosciating with a G/O co. for a lease. in the lease, they have a clause thats states... they can put a well pad on my property. size, compensation, ect. pretty standred langue. yes I understand drilling units, amount of acerage in the unite and how you are paid for your % of acerage in the unite.

Now I want a percentage of every well on the pad... NOTJust  acerage in the unite. if I have 20 acers in my unite... say at 20% thats how i will be paid. pretty standred, right? now i want an over rideing % not determened at this time.... for any wells that are not in my unite. otherwise I could have 6 wells on the pad and not get paid at all. Why is this so hard to understand? am I the only one that has thought about this, or are their others with langue in their lease that addresses this?


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