Does anyone have an update on the Marchand Unit in North Mahoning Township.  One unit is producing and four additional permits are on the books.

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What will be the gathering pipeline diameter?   Looked liked maybe 10-12" diameter laying on the ground leading away from the well pad..   What typically is used for a single Utica well? ... 10, 12 or 14" ??  How many Utica wells can be serviced from a single pipeline and at what diameter?   This pipeline for the Marchand well will go towards Rte. 210 and into the DTI pipeline by the compressor station.

The ROW agreements call for up to 24" line. They are spending Millions on this line and right of ways. You can look this up on the Indiana County Pennsylvania Recorder of Deeds website. You must login as guest. Search cnx gas. I live five miles from the Marchand well and it still sounds like a jet engine today.

Bud - I wasn`t successful finding out specific information for this ROW & pipeline.  What did I do wrong?   Do these records state a 24" pipeline?  What do you think the smaller pipes are for that I saw on Sunday?   Could this 24" line be another one that will be a trunk line from Marchand north to Big Run?   Any idea how much longer the well will be flared?  Have you listened to the CNX webcast from 3/13.   I strongly suggest you do.  An awesome report!

Is the flare still burning today?

Flare yesterday morning


Yes Still Burning This Afternoon. The line appears to be 12 inch. I could help you access the Indiana County Site. Its amazing how the row agreements for the common man are 12 pages long and the row agreements between CNX Land LLC. and CNX Gas LLC. are 42 pages long. We all could learn from their 42 page agreements.

Has anyone become aware of the Utica Units Size, Shape, Acres Unitized or the direction from the wellpad.


Area Utica Permits

Bud, are you talking about the outside diameter of the pipe, or inside diameter? And would this be the shorter run of pipe from this Marchand Unit well pad to a transmission pipeline junction, or some new Utica-dedicated transmission pipeline that's being built? Thanks!

Michael - did you notice how long the laterals are for the two XTO Utica wells?.....between 11,000-13,500'.   These laterals should make for some super wells!

Spike`s Kin - any news about planned major transmission pipelines for gathering pipeline connections between Marchand and Big Run?

On the XTO Wells the horizontal legs are 13463' and 13622' If you look at the last page  permit "Location Plat", Cross Section, it shows where the horizontal leg begins and footage to total vertical depth (TVD). 

Also the CNX Marchand Well flare is out since this morning

Thanks Michael - what do you think of these long laterals?  Much longer then the Marchand Utica lateral...  Do you think the actual testing took place yet for the Marchand well, or was it done along with the well flaring?  Any ideas yet for IP results?   Any news/production results from the XTO Winslow Utica well yet?


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