Lu Ann and I have just come back from attending an informal dinner put on by Representives of Travis Peak. 

We had a very delicious chicken dinner at the Sabinsville Firehall.

Lu Ann and I met with one of the Travis Peak's CEO's from Texas And had a short conversation with him. Jack Cochran, a manager from Travis Peak brought him over to our table and we shook hands. Seems to be a very nice fellow. He then turned us over to Jack Cochran.

Jack answered a few questions and then went to claim his  own serving of Chicken.  But then he came back and ask if we minded him eating with us. Of course we were delighted as there were many other seats where he could have sat down in  any of the other tables.

My nephew Ed sat with Lu Ann and me and we talked about several things including a little bit of the history of the area with Jack and my own feelings about the drastic changes taking place on the Ladd property in the last few months. The area where the Painter well site is located has a bit of  interesting history in itself.

A couple of issues came up. One of them has been solved. Jack promised me that the others will be looked into.

We both were thankful that the weather was cooperative as far as heavy rain and washing of the steep pipeline "Right of Way" not being a problem.

All in all Lu Ann, I, and my nephew Ed came away from this informal meeting with a good feeling of what the future holds for the area.

Bill Ladd

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The joke is on you and Lu Ann.

Travis Peake is a group of nobodies, funded by Encap, with the sole purpose of turning Appalachia into a money machine for Bankers and Pipeline Operators.

They are the last people I would do business with. 

I bet the lease they will ask you to sign is nothing more than a financial death warrant for your mineral interest---leaving Travis Peake and Encap the sole beneficiaries.

It's nice you got a chicken dinner.  Next you will get a pearl necklace and a chocolate ice cream cone.

Thank you Paul for your input.

My reply to you is this:  How can a man tell if a girl is pretty?

Something is needed to compare her with.

In your case if you were a girl, You would be the ugliest of ugly.

Do you really understand what you are doing? No I do not think so.

You are a very unhappy person! You have very few if any friends.

Something must have happened in your childhood that the only way you can improve your self image is trying to bring other folks down.


In your case assuming you were a girl, you could never become a pretty girl.

But that could change in a few weeks. You could become the "Bell of the ball",

Someone that everyone  looks up to!

I'm just trying to give you a heads up.

Travis Peake was formed with Encap money recently (2013).

Travis does not have an established record as an operator and I doubt they have ever made 10 cents.

Encap's shtick:

Cobble together a group of industry ne'er do wells and hacks;

Style the aforementioned "Industry Veterans." (whatever the hell that means)

Load up on leases;

Drill a few wells;

Dump/sell the company to Greater Fools.

I don't see any value being added, to me they are no more than fancy lease flipppers.

I'm not a fan of either Travis Peake or Encap.

The chicken dinner is meaningless to GMS readers.

The business histories of the companies that want to Operate is important.

You have my apology if you found my post insulting to you.

Dude, you need some help.  Go for a run or something.  How do you think business operates?  If you do things the right way and treat people fairly as you are doing them, then you are out there to make some profit at the end of the day.  Whether that is a large established public company or a start-up operator, the end game is the same.  The difference lies in how each company decides to treat the people and the environment it encounters. 

Here is a charitable article.  Since it was written, EnCap has suffered many losses and many of their efforts have, essentially, been still born.  They keep that on the hush, hush.

What does Marquette Exploration, Oasis Petroleum, Petrohawk Energy, Plains All American Pipeline, Marlin Resources, Halcon Resources, Peregrine Oil & Gas, Phillips Energy Partners and Venado Oil & Gas have in common?  They are all funded by the same private equity company, EnCap Investments L.P.  I think it’s important for land professionals to understand the financing side of the energy business, and EnCap’s investments have a more significant effect on our industry than many realize.
The Company
EnCap was formed in 1988, and over the years has raised over $18 billion dollars towards funding independent oil & gas companies in the United States.  The company has been through a number turbulent times in various energy price markets, and has managed to be one of the most successful private equity companies in the energy  space.  EnCap’s management team is proof of their success, the 4 managing partners have been together since before the company was founded — and the partners have been with the company an average of 13 years (with an average of 22 years in the oil & gas industry).
EnCap holds it’s midstream projects under a different company, EnCap Flatrock Midstream, the management team of Flatrock also boast similar statistics in regards to industry experience.
The Process
You can tell quite a bit just from reviewing EnCap’s website, they have a list of all their current investments and completed investments in the Upstream Portfolio and Midstream Portfolio.  One thing you quickly notice is that after companies are sold, you’ll see EnCap funding a new company with a similar name (like Common Resources, and Common Resources, III).  What isn’t readily apparent is that management teams of many of the firms “Realized Investments” form the management teams of their current investments.  They place a high value on people, and we all know that talented people make our business run.
For an interesting read you can check out this Reuters article: EnCap-Backed Cordillera Energy Explores Sale for More than $3B
You’ll see that EnCap backed Cordillera’s management team 3 times and Cordillera was sold 3 times — the first in 2003 for $250mm, the 2nd in 2008 for $1 billion and the third in 2011 for $2.85 billion.  Not a bad performance history for the management team over 8 years.
You won’t find much in the press quoting EnCap management directly, and that’s likely because they don’t need any publicity.  It doesn’t appear they’ve had any trouble raising $18 billion in 17 different investment funds over the years.  The last fund that closed was in February 2013, and the $5 billion in funding available was “significantly oversubscribed”.  In the linked article Rober Zorich, one of the managing partners is quoted:
“Our existing investors’ strong support of Fund IX resulted in a very quick and very successful fundraise.  We’ve had the good fortune now of having our last three funds heavily oversubscribed, and we couldn’t have done it without the longstanding relationships we have with so many highly respected limited partners.”
Another interesting item you can glean from reviewing the companies that are funded and some general industry information is that EnCap backed companies run incredibly lean from a staffing perspective.  Many of the companies expend as little capital as necessary on labor.  One can assume this is a partial result of the heavy influence of EnCap on the board of these companies.  It’s also known that you won’t make an eye-popping salary working for an EnCap backed company, and their stance on staffing should help you to understand why — the more money you spend on labor the lower the profits are.
That’s not to say that professionals who work for these companies (and the management teams) aren’t compensated well, employees know that they will be rewarded handsomely when the company sells.  Notice I said ‘when’, not ‘if’.  EnCap is in the business of building companies and selling them for a profit — and they are good at it.

Paul - Not sure how Encap is relevant to this landowner and his ability to use his land for his own personal gain.  Travis Peak has already received their funding, so Encap has very little to do with where they drill or how they operate.  Travis Peak will operate in the same fashion as every other oil and gas company, that is, they will drill where and when it is most profitable.

Your comment vividly illustrates how little you understand about this business.

Travis Peake, like your o & g expertise/sophistication, is an illusion. 

Encap calls the shots per the terms of the debt which is due and owing..  Travis Peake can't sharpen a pencil without someone from Encap signing off.

Google the companies mentioned in the article and you will see they have all either declared bankruptcy or are about to.  The fawning article, supra, didn't give an accurate look at Encap.

No one has ever accused the boys at Encap of being the sharpest tools in the shed.  By the numbers, they are quite dim witted and have backed a large number of mutt oil companies that have disintegrated.  They cover all that up.  The principals take their fees whether the companies they back win or lose.  It's other peoples' money so who cares?

Why don't you use your real name Billy Jack?


     Shouldn't you be on the Rig or going door to door getting contracts signed for your company?

Ron - shouldn't you go get a real job and stop profiting on the unfounded fears of normal folks?  For it would be much better for them to make money from the oil and gas companies than you.


      Take a  hint from those in the know, that girl is going to kick the tar out of you before you get your first kiss.

You are exactly what she is looking for, a nice guy who has never been exposed to the level of un-ethical behavior that O&G companies and those who follow them around can display when attempting to make your potential wealth their wealth.

This veiled girl is going to make you her _____  if you don't use your head.

Your story is one everyone wants to hear on this website, those positive stories of fine dining, untold wealth, having it all.

But what we are getting will never bring these things to life, only making every move perfectly ( the Bonus, the Lease signing, then handling the Right of Way contract correctly) followed by a good legal plan to go after your producer is going to make this happen.

We own the minerals but we don't have the right to be paid a fair royalty to date. Think about it.

Got you all didn't I?  I am not talking about Travis Peak at all or the various gas companies buying and selling from and to each other. How many of you have made comments about Paul and his negative comments?  Every one of you is only concerned about your bank account and nothing  else. Life is made up of many things besides dollar bills.  All the dollar bills that were ever printed up cannot bring a satisfied life! You will be spending all of your time worried about how you are going to keep all of those dollar bills.  You end up counting up your pennies without regard to your health, your families, the misery you offspring for generations to come. Look at Howard Hughes. He ended up little more then a bed ridden bit of flesh. And how about Hitler. He was going to take control of the entire world's population. Instead he destroyed millions of lives and live like a dump rat, scared and hiding from the rest of the world's population.

John Rigas built a great business in TV.  Today much of his property is all up for sheriffs sale (non payment of taxes). I doubt that he could walk thru the streets of Coudersport with his held high after promising to spring for a complete  new sewer system. Lucky for them that the streets were not torn up before he was found out.

The girl Ron mentioned may have plenty of money but she lives in a trash pile alone! No one will have her!

Those complaining about Negative Comments and voting anyone off the site who isn't positive aren't landowners at all.

Those of us in the know stand between those who would take it all from the aged, trusting, and too busy to question, Ohioans.  I know, I've seen it and will be taking back some of what has been stolen. If not here on another website.

These thefts, swindled signing Bonuses, poor leases, underpaid Royalties and pipeline Right of Way contracts that take the landowners Right of Way using fraud, hurt every Ohio Citizen.

That lost Income and taxes that would have been paid have been re-directed to Oklahoma, at least for now. 


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