Lu Ann and I have just come back from attending an informal dinner put on by Representives of Travis Peak. 

We had a very delicious chicken dinner at the Sabinsville Firehall.

Lu Ann and I met with one of the Travis Peak's CEO's from Texas And had a short conversation with him. Jack Cochran, a manager from Travis Peak brought him over to our table and we shook hands. Seems to be a very nice fellow. He then turned us over to Jack Cochran.

Jack answered a few questions and then went to claim his  own serving of Chicken.  But then he came back and ask if we minded him eating with us. Of course we were delighted as there were many other seats where he could have sat down in  any of the other tables.

My nephew Ed sat with Lu Ann and me and we talked about several things including a little bit of the history of the area with Jack and my own feelings about the drastic changes taking place on the Ladd property in the last few months. The area where the Painter well site is located has a bit of  interesting history in itself.

A couple of issues came up. One of them has been solved. Jack promised me that the others will be looked into.

We both were thankful that the weather was cooperative as far as heavy rain and washing of the steep pipeline "Right of Way" not being a problem.

All in all Lu Ann, I, and my nephew Ed came away from this informal meeting with a good feeling of what the future holds for the area.

Bill Ladd

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William is been bought, sold and in the bag.

I'm with you though.

I want the industry to proceed full steam ahead.

At the same time I want tabula rasa---a clean slate.

I want every one of the frauds who wrought this catastrophe drummed out of the industry permanently.

First they abandoned basic business principles, then they abandoned reason altogether.

The 2016 3q is about to close.

I've heard the losses are larger than ever.

The people currently running the industry and everyone connected to them need to go--permanently.

There are plenty of O & G people who want them gone too and plenty of competent people to replace them.

The O & G industry is as far from a meritocracy as you can get. 

The hacks, frauds, ne'er do wells, no accounts and their relatives, mistresses and stripper girlfriends need to go.

Amazing what a simple chicken dinner can bring out isn't it Ron?  I will check the internet to see if I can find a place that will serve you and Paul a chicken dinner with all the trimmings at a reasonable price.


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