On our way to Coudersport hospital this morning (January, 31, 2018) about 6:30 Am. we were approaching Denton hill at the legal speed. I noticed A car and two trucks a few yards behind us. One of the trucks was gaining on us as we climbed Denton hill.  As you may or may not know, The highway is laid out so that heavily loaded trucks climbing the hill can be passed safely by faster vehicles.

The one truck, a tri axle,  tanker truck kept gaining on me and we were approaching the very top. The trucker did not have quite enough power to pass me before the lanes changed to a single lane on the downhill side. 

Seeing that he could not pass me he backed off as the road leveled out.  We went down the Coudersport side and the tanker truck was very close behind me. I knew he wanted to pass me.

At the bottom of the hill I pulled to the right as far as I could to allow him to pass. But he opted not to pass yet. The sight distance was not long enough to be safe. But he stayed right on my bumper so to speak. I signaled him to let him know that I was aware of his intention. Our lane was lined for passing. He had ample room to pass safely. I stayed to the right of the driving lane, giving him plenty of room to pass.

He waited until the sight distance was about gone and the road was lined for no passing on the west bound lane. So what did he do? I maintained my speed of about 55 Mph. He took a chance of passing me with the sight distance now gone. As luck would have it no one was coming from the other direction.

The point is that a few gas well truck drivers like this particular one is making it very hazardous for normal traffic.  Other gas well truckers have been very careful and courteous. 

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Pick up the pace! lolligaggers need to get Amish buggies. They may go faster.lol.

55 mph is the legal speed on this stretch of highway. It was not his speed that was faulty but his inability to decide what was the safest place to pass. A head on collision is not a pretty sight.

Several years ago Lu Ann and I was just seconds of witnessing a head on just west of Mansfield Pennsylvania. Two women were killed when their car drifted into the opposing lane. That truck ran right up and over the front of that car. Maybe someone here might recall that incident.

It makes no sense to make the gas drilling industry, in our area, any less popular by stupid drivers or by making a stupid joke of poor driving decisions!

Get the tag # and the name of the company and report these guys. That is the best way to stop them.


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