Is there any leasing now or in the past in Butler County. If so what are the terms

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Thanks Robert - I just e mailed George - and will not mention anything about our forum till $ is in our pocket.
Tom, I am in Forward Twp and Western Land just left an offer for $1500/acre (12 acres) and 15% royalty nd 5 years, I think.

Bob, did you have an attorney look over the agreement? If so, who in the area is knowledgeable about gas lease agreements?

Thank you
I did not have an attorney look over our lease. I understand there is an attorney in Zelienople that has experience with gas leases, but I do not have a name or number. Sorry.
You could look over my previous reply that mentions the addendum we added and the changes we asked for.
Shelly, same here. Dropped it off on 1/29. Same terms. Wonder if that is good? I know of someone over by Rittswood who signed for $1550 per acre with 15% royalty. PA/Virgina Gas I believe.

Have you talked with Western? How do they seem? Go to to check them out. Seem like they are wrapped tight.
hey Shelly, i know people who have used Pettit & Spontak (a lawfirm in Pgh) to review/negotiate leases and have been pleased - i know they have a website, i think it is

an attorney from washington co., don saxton, specializes in this area as well.

i hope this helps you out - good luck

Do you have a phone number for George from Rex?
724-972-5793 cell
The only # I have is 1-814-278-7267. I had to call them about 5 or 6 times before I actually spoke with someone.
Hope this helps
Thank you (everyone) very much!!

Are you still working with PC? I met with Dale/Cheasepeake the other day. I haven't received the actual lease yet but landman was talking $1500-$2000, 15% royalty on a 5+5. I'd like to get a group together from Summit Twp and see if we can get enough acreage together to get some better prices.
We are very very close to signing with Phillips, $1500/15% for 5 yr.
To those who were wondering what a Marcellus well looks like after the fact: I took a drive to see the wells that Rex has already drilled. They show a map on their website, with very few identifiers of locations. It is slide #9 of their PowePoint on the website. See link below.

The wells are right along the road on rt 528 going north (a couple of miles) out of Evans City, and along Hartman Road, heading back towards Seneca High School. The small plant for processing the gas is plainly marked Rex Energy. I am assuming the green domes along the road are the well heads, although they may be connections to the pipe lines. If someone knows for sure, please let us know.


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