My company Ohio Land Management LLC is in discussions concerning land being purchased for a Plant.  It is my opinion that this plant will stimulate development in the northwestern PA counties.

Disclaimer, OLM is not affliliated with any landgroup.

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Ron - Any kind of plant is an important part of the infrastructure required to help realize the full value chain for the play. Cryogenic plants are a way to extract natural gas liquids (NGL's) from wet gas streams using turbo-expanders that create very cold temperatures that cause the liquids to condense and drop out of the flow stream. I'm not fully conversant with the process, but I worked the wells that fed a similar plant during my time in the Middle East many years ago.


I hope that your company is successful in their efforts to acquire land and build this plant. Others will surely follow suit.


"If you build it, they will drill"




Thank you for your history in this industry and your willingness to educate us landowners.  BTW, the land is earmarked and I believe is the location.  

It does seem like the latest area of the Utica play, the northern counties will require midstream facilities also and maybe as many as what is being built in the south.   As it progresses towards the infrastructure, I know leasing and drilling will follow, widespread. 


Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together with one Oil/NGL pipeline under construction (Kinder-Morgan TGP) and another being proposed (Bluegrass) both of which will run parallel to each other thru most of Mercer County, it would be logical for a Cryogenic plan to be built here. It will be interesting to see if the local rumors about a plant are true. That would bode well for those of us who are landowners in Mercer County. You have to wonder how much Oil/NGL the Utica holds to support 2 pipelines. Keep in mind that the TGP infrastructure to market the dry gas already exists.


There are 133 separate pipeline projects in Eastern Oh. Check out the thread on page two of discussions.

I wish we had plats and surveys of all these pipelines.

Found 2 maps of the Pennant Midstream pipeline on one of the anti's websites.


Very interesting, I'm learning though is that proposed pipelines can change over night.  My opinion is that until the permits are in place they can change for many reasons.  I believe it is a far cry from proposal and reality, so many factors can change their routes.  Trick is to just keep reading and physically inspecting and following pipe laying as they proceed.

I agree.  At least this is some solid information though.  These pictures came from a file review of the permit application Pennant Midstream submitted to the DEP in Meadville for permit approval.  If you follow the route, it runs right through where Hilcorp has most of their current sites built or permitted. 

Tyler, this is the first I saw of a complete pipeline drawing relative to Hilcorp.  What puzzles me is that Halcon's CEO called every well they poked in WPA "shitty."  Something does not definitely add up, and yet Hilcorp has wells up in Mercer and along WPA, but no production reports to speak of.  With these drawings, I have to rethink our approach in WPA.


Work has already begun at the Kinder-Morgan Tennessee Gas pumping station in Mercer to bypass compressors for the south bound NGL's. It appears to be more than just proposed. The Pennant pipeline from Tyler's maps appear the follow the TGP lines in Mercer County and ends near the Mercer TGP station. A knowledgeable source told me that a separation plant is being planned for the end of that pipeline.



What Twnshp are you saying the separation plant is to be built?

The one I have been hearing about is in Perry Township.


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