An account from someone on the ground.

The protest site was up off 287 & north of 220.  Make a left on Dam Run road.  It is a very heavily drilled area.  Road was an old forest service road not too many years ago but you can see now, industry has spent millions to make a very good paved roadway into the area for their own operations.  The funny thing is, most of the area is already drilled and fractured.  There isn’t even a drill within miles of the area, nor is there a pressure pumping crew anywhere around.  Best I can tell, the only thing going on up there beside wells under production is a new compressor station. 

I guess between the uptick in traffic to the area and it being the first day of spring, these hippies decided it would be a good day to cost the industry many thousands by holding nearly 100 workers from accessing the many sites up there.  I have reports from my crew that they were chained together at the road blockages with sticks, rocks, logs, pipe (likely stolen from area contractors), and other debris barricading themselves on the roadway.  

It was interesting to sit there looking at the pictures and count the things they were using, driving and wearing that came from responsible oil and gas development.  Plastic water bottles, nylon parkas, rubber shoes etc.  Such hypocrites.




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You are missing the point that was being made and that is the hypocrisy of most protestors .... everything in the picture was made of petroleum products ... the people drove cars to get there ... (the Hollywood types fly in private places wasting tons of jet fuel to protest drilling) ... and anything that was not made of petroleum products was transported to you via a truck, train, plain, ship that used petroleum products.  The problem with you environmentalist types is that you like to protest but you are not actually willing to give up anything or change your lifestyle to conserve energy.  Many have no idea the products in there own home that came from petroleum.  You just want to complain about the process in which it is obtained and most of you know very little about the process because you don't live where it is happening.  If you did you would not have to drive a car or fly in a plane to go protest. I have well water for drinking and live walking distance under 2 miles from five wells.

And the wells in Pennsylvania have methane?  That is SHOCKING!!!!!   Natural gas is methane ..... all wells have methane in them.  So do you and so do the cows that are all over most of Pennsylvania but I don't see you complaining about that methane.  UNBELIEVABLE

You claim they drilled under your well and a neighbors well ... so why did you lease.  If you did not lease than they did not drill under you.  You are making that up.

Yes James, the irony is so palpable, you would think the sheer force of it would slap some sense into them.  Thank you for voicing your opinion!

I also wonder how many of them were wearing watches with batteries in them or have a cell phone with a battery in them.  Of course I am sure when the batteries are dead, they dispose of them properly and not throw them in the trash that ends up in a land fill somewhere. 

First do NOT insult the People of Bradford County and second apparently you have not talked to the these people guess what Mr. My neighbor DID NOT SIGN so get your facts straight!  Second when they did not sign, they gave my neighbors hell buddy, and were told they either the  will sign up or its going get sucked out from under you!

Where the hell does that gas go Buddy?  Another point I am not an Environmentalist   I am a person that is sick and tired  of hearing how it is the Bradford County Citizens and Lease Holders are to Blame~ .  

You people obviously are rich enough to sit back and run YOUR mouths when have you gone out and talked to these people and see what they are going through?  No you Ignorant people do not!

It is NOT OK to destroy there home just because they signed a piece of paper , THAT does NOT mean they can come in and destroy their homes!  YOU peope sicken me when you say things like that you are saying it is OK to let Chesapeake totally destroy their land!

You two I suggest need to watch how you accuse the good hardworking EDUCATED individuals in Bradford County!  

The Country is calling in us to save the Country from its Energy Crises and Bradford County is NOT going to take being trashed by a Gas Company to save this Country!  nor from people that have no idea about whats happening!

We signed, neighbors signed that HAD  lawyers Buddy and Chesapeake is taking their money !  THAT IS NOT OK!

So if you guys want to keep trashing my people just because you agree to lazy to get off your butts then SHUT YOUR MOUTHS!

I am very offended at your tone--demonizing people you have never met, accusing us of all sorts of things. YOU are the reason this country has problems, people like you who are rude, obnoxious, blame your neighbors for everything. You claim to speak for the hardworking educated people of this area--I call your bluff. You do NOT speak for us. 

It really is amazing how others people "know" what the general public wants without even talking to them.  I have long said I have seen hard working farmers struggle to make ends meet.  That patch equipment that should have long ago been thrown out.  I have seen my father when he had the dairy farm have to work 2 jobs to keep the farm going.   I myself work another job to keep the same farm going.  Yes, it is the lifestyle I have chosen and I love living on a small family farm but it is hard work.  I am tired of people telling me what I can and can not do with my farm.  If people think they know so much about the "working class' I beg you to work a farm for a week.  No, when you are done demonstrating, you go to the gym to work out.  Why not offer your assistance on a farm throwing hay bales, or cleaning stalls.  I will guarantee you will get better work out than in a gym.

Did for six years with my neighbor farmer.

We let a dairy farmer pasture gratis as a long as we've owned our place in Bloss since the sixties.

I think if the gas boom will line your pockets, more power to you. We have to make sure land owners are compensated for their mineral wealth.

you mean like the million man march in d.c.?

I see a bunch of people not in a drilling unit.

On a more serious note, I am all for protecting the earth, but with everything you have risk and rewards.

Totally and it does not give Chesapeake to bleed us dry!

Go Sullivan County Go Bradford County stick up for our rights and make sure they hear we a done being taken advantage of while our money is leaving this state and into the pockets of the Gas Companies and our Politicians!  Go Go Go

NO PROMISE NO FRACKING  the way it should be 

Seeing that "Earth First" sign tells me everything I need to know about their philosophy and motives.  I remember very well the antics of the Earth First organization (dis-organization? hahahaha) in the 1980s and early 1990s.  These are the people who were attempting to cut down high voltage transmission lines as well as the people who advocated destruction of construction equipment.  Whether these people are aligned or not, they are not doing the promotion of their opinion any favors by using that sign.

I agree 100% with what Invictus has so clearly stated.  Take a great care as to how you present yourself; if you wish to be heard by rational people, rationality is required.  


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