Someone will have a negative view of why it was decided the way it was. Unless you know what their innermost thoughts are, you cannot possibly understand their choice of accepting or rejecting an offer!

Likely I would do the same thing.

Personally, I like to look at a person's life as far back and as closely as I can before I make a decision about them. Same goes for religion or lifestyle

This trait continues regardless whether I am thinking about the Marcellus shale deposit and the comments trying to sway my choices. My daughter and her kids and their behavior.

Have I been wrong? Of course I have made a few errors in my choices!  But mostly my choices have turned out to be positive and even those that were a bit shaky  at best actually turned out great.

My brother  always blamed me for his life going sour because we move from New York State back to Pennsylvania. A short conversation with him ended one day when he said, "Everyone has a newer car then I do!"  My short reply was, "And who's fault is that?" He stood there a moment, turn and walked away.

I was 15 years old when we moved from New York State.

Bill L.

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Why is it anyone else's business what a landowner decides about leasing or not leasing?


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