I was told that the announcement was made to company employees today. 

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Eclipes is really on the rise! I am signed with eclipes and they paid me early like over thirty days early! I am glad to hear there doing well and I hope they come to Beaver township where my property is located!

what county is Beaver Twp in?

Dave it's Noble county in Ohio

The word I got was that the entire company was sold, not just the deep rights.  This is good news for some people with Eclipse and Antero leases that had been blocked by Oxford acreage, and really good news for those HBP with Oxford. 

I follow eclipse on linkedin and saw this link pop up from the company: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/eclipse-resources-adds-to-s...

Buying oxford or not, they're staffing up to drill.

That is a most promising article.  Those people with Eclipse leases in Monroe County seemed to be pleased with them.   Eclipse is also doing a joint venture with Magnum Hunter to drill some wells within the next two years.  IMHO Eclipse and Magnum Hunter are the beneficial players for those of us south of I-70.

 Interesting that their new VP held a drilling management position working with well completions in the utica with Chesepeake--what does that say about Cheseapeake?

If this is true and not just some internet BS everybody that is stuck in an Oxford Lease should be very very happy...Like me.... Please let it be true....Please......

Any Oxford employees out there that can confirm this information ??

Please elaborate why this would be good if Oxford has existing shallow Clinton wells our property.

I'm shocked that Eclipse has enough cash to make a deal like this happen.  Maybe Magnum Hunter is paying for a % of it?

Maybe Antero has a %..  Antero and Eclipse have some joint wells in Noble county I believe.

As I am typing this I remember hearing the Pres. of Magnum Hunter in his recent presentation to an investors group meeting in San Francisco stating something to the effect about being in discussions about purchasing three different companies.  I posted a previous link to the presentation under the discussion "Magnum Hunter".

JODI, have you heard some rumor?   Appears that David R. Hill, Inc.  has two injection wells and Magnum Hunter now owns two injection wells in Washington Co.    Could be that Magnum Hunter is interested in companies that also have injection wells.  Just a thought. 


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