Sunday edition had an article about hos they are using super pads with as many as 35 wells on them.  Wells that stretch out for 15,000 feet.

"A superpad means a quarter of a billion dollars pumped into a single hillside in a place like rural Washington County. It means fewer well pads in total but much more activity on those that exist. It means that from a 10-acre spot, a company like EQT can theoretically slurp natural gas from underneath an area nearly the size of the City of Pittsburgh. I call them mini-industrial complexes,” said David Schlosser, president of exploration and production at EQT."

There was also an article Pitts Tribune on how a company is going to use the old Edgar Thompson steel mill site for a super pad.  They say they can drill under the entire city from there.

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Imagine having a pad with 35 wells on your property....forever an industrial site!    Imagine being in a unit with 35 wells.  Imagine the gas royalties from those wells over your families lifetime.  Have we only seen the beginning of this gas surge in our region?   Bring it on...

Is the land owner paid for all the all wells drilled from the pad? maybe this is a dumb question, but I don't understand how it works. can someone shed some light on it for me?

Gas royalties are paid to everyone who own ( the lessor) leases in the unit.   This isn`t always the landowner.

Depends on your lease.  Most leases have some payment for surface disturbance if the pad is on your property but it varies greatly. Anywhere from a couple thousand to 20-30,000.  Some had additional fees if pad was over ten acres. But these were mostly negotiated for smaller standard pads.

For pads of these sizes I would try to get much more, maybe some annual fee.  They will use a lot of land for several generations.  They will also mean much more noise, pollution, dust, light, truck traffic,and more.

One good thing is that since they can one pad with wells going out three miles or more in all directions there will be very few pads needed. Thus the chances of having a pad on your property are pretty small. And I assume they would put such massive pads hidden away from most homes.

Seems if I was a landowner, I wouldn't want paid for the pad. I would want a percentage of production coming from the pad. 

If you own land in a unit that is drilled and producing, you will get royalties.

If you have a good lease, you will get additional fees for surface disturbances.

You won't get royalties for gas from land that you do not own, even if that gas comes from a well on your property. They won't pay you for what you don't own.

Good to know it's possible. Don't know how well it'll work in the Utica,Ohio, but "drill baby drill"

I'm curious...After reading the PG article and viewing the map of the Cogar Pad from EQT,is there anywhere someone can find this type of map for other well pads in the area?I live fairly close to a well pad,but can't seem to find out if the wells go under my property.Thanks.

Deborah, it would be best to find the name of the pad and all associated wells drilled to date on that pad. Once you know that, the developer will have filed a "Well Completion Report" with the appropriate state agency, and in PA anyway, those are public record. If you obtain those reports, they will have a diagram and other information pertaining to depth, direction, etc. From that, you will be able to tell where the well begins and terminates and the direction and depth of the well.

If your property is any distance (a mile or more) to the Southwest or Northeast of the pad, there is a good chance they did not include your rights in the production unit, as the well laterals are typically drilled to the NNW or SSE from the pad.

Good luck in your quest!

Bullfrex - how and  where do you obtain a copy of the well completion report?  I`m living in PA.

All public record on the PADEP website.....go to Oil and Gas reports; Interactive submissions. If your producer has submitted a report electronically, it should be there; search the Well completion reports by API#, or producer.and location. Good luck.

Thanks Bullfrex!   Is this information only recently available?


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