Hi,I am getting conflicting information,so I am hoping someone knows the answer to this.There is a multi well gas pad close to our property.I called the company and was told that we are in the allocation area,but upon looking up the well directions of those wells already drilled,it appears they tend to veer away from my property.I am not an expert map reader,but is the fact that we are with in a mile of these wells make up for the fact that they may not go directly under our property?Or does the drilling have to go under your property to collect royalties?The lease is written in Sanskrit-it was no help to me at all...Thank you in advance.My apologies if this topic has already been addressed.

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Life would be simpler if every state had the same laws!lol..

yes it would and the landman goes door to door and gives everyone a different deal . must be how smart you are or if you did your homework on gms   great site .

I am betting the landmen are counting on the fact that no one will discuss their business with their neighbors.We had to add a clause in case our water supply got ruined,but I couldn't

 tell you what the neighboring landowners were offered.I do love this site because you can get so much useful info here that the gas companies are so tight lipped about.

Just to clarify, there is no requirement that an operator provide everyone in the unit with a copy of the DPU. Since it is filed of record most companies will provide them if requested. Even if it states in your lease that you are to receive a copy it may be wise to follow up.

thank you.I will do that.If I don't receive something from the company,may ask where it is filed?If it is a public record,I may be able to access it online.I have tried various sites,but,no luck.


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