I see Ascent is still drilling the Yanosik wells on the Raber pad,off 513 on Hoover rd. They've been there for weeks now. long enough to drill at least 3 of the 6 wells permitted. Will they drill them all?

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Please provide location, county etc

Ohio, Guernsey county

This is totally in the hands of the operator and their development plans, and their plans are NEVER public.

Having said that....

Only time will tell, but it is less expensive to the operator to drill all six wells while the rig is on site. To have the rig leave after drilling three and return at a later date to drill the others is not cost efficient. IMHO

I agree. But they have been doing just that the last year,or two. Setting up a rig, drilling one or two wells on a 4/6 well permitted pad ,then leaving. maybe not even having the well completed. I figure this was because the lease was expiring and they needed to do something,or lose it.  Seems like lately, they have been staying,and completing wells to generate income. When its mostly gas,for sure, but the Raber pad wells will be mostly OIL!


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