Dump trucks have been climbing Broughton hollow road most of the day today. I believe they are hauling gravel to the Painter well. Earlier I noticed the gate was open and truck tracks entering the ROW to well. Later this evening I drove by the ROW and the gate was closed.  It was said by the land owner that a larger drilling rig was schedule when it became available, to drill a second well before the end of the year.

We have been receiving royalty payments from the first drilling. When new line is finished, royalties hopefully will increase.

 Any comments or other information will be appreciated.

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Mr. Ladd

The Painter 1H looks like it has produced 1.89 Bcf in a little over 5 months online (153 days).

Still flowing over 10 MMcfd, pretty successful well so far.

The 2H was permitted on this pad in May, 2017.

I was unable to determine the depth (vertical) nor the proppant composition as Fracfocus does not yet show this well.

Shell has just produced another successful Utica in Tioga county and - considering the successes by JKLM over in Potter - your area might well see long term development when both pricing and takeaway pipelines encourage growth.

FWIW, the Rover, Leach Xpress and Atlantic Sunrise will increase Appalachian Basin takeaway by over 6 Bcfd when these under-construction pipes are online in the coming months.

There is an additional 10 Bcfd of takeaway due online by end of 2018, early 2019, which is a stunning figure.

There are several massive CCGT plants being built in the southeast, Michigan, Ohio,  and Pennsylvania areas which will use your gas.

I sincerely hope that you and your neighbors continue to actively engage your legislators as the anti fossil fuel people are frantically ramping up their efforts to stymie Marcellus development.

You folks are sitting atop the most productive hydrocarbon rock on the planet.

Good morning Coffeeguyzz. Thank you for your reply. Right now we only have 15 acres in that unit. But eventually there is another unit to be opened up for drilling in the planning stages that will include the rest of our acreage.   A pipeline was already laid across our land before the painter well was drilled or completed and was ready to move the gas to market with no delay.

There is some activity at the Painter well most every day. However the well is not within sight of the road or my property so I cannot determine just what is going on there.

Bill L..

Good Morning William,

The Painter 1H is a nice well indeed. Typical of most of the Utica wells in Tioga Co., there is generally a steeper decline curve than the Marcellus wells there. Painter has declined just under 30% (from peak production) in about five months.

Disclaimer: the following is 'free advice' and you know what that is worth;-)

The message here is plan wisely with your royalty money....a good amount early on, that will fade relatively quickly. There is a caveat here, that being the price of Natural Gas. Increases in price will help offset the decline curve, and we are all hoping for that scenario! Mr.Coffeeguyzz has kindly pointed out some of the reasons that could/would happen!

Good luck with the second well!!


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