Many of you know my feelings about the blessing us shale landowners have rec'd in our humble lives.  None of us could have ever dreamed of the riches that lie under our dirt.  Many of us have been land poor for so long, we will never change because we know no other life but a conservative one.  We never asked for a handout and we worked our hands to the bone because we are basically the few left who believe this is the American way. 


Today, the whole country and for that matter the whole world is staring at us and our energy.  Massive investments from all over the world have been made right under our feet and throughout this shale region.  We here in GMS have successfully united in a defacto way, so to speak.  We may not be formally organized, but we have a bond here and it is a very tight bond.  We have collectively navigated our way through the preliminaries of a play and have proven to the energy giants that we will not lay down , but will fight for a fair deal.


And now we are faced with an uncertain government who finds itself on the brink of insolvency.  We find ourselves locally as having a product that has value, infact much more than the legal tender dollar.  Will we become a target of redistribution?  Will our minerals be nationalized?  Will we be taxed into insolvency? 


I have always voted for who I believed to be the correct leader for our country, whether democrat, republican or Ross Perot.  This November, I am worried, will our present leader continue as a solar , wind, green energy president? Or will we elect a new leader who understands energy like we have learned?  In my life, I have never seen the changes to my country and my personal life as I have seen in the last 24 months.  These are definitely interesting times and we need to make the right choice because I believe we may not have a second chance.

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@Jeff -  am enjoying our educational sessions!

NDAA - Obama just signed the bill, Ron Paul OPPOSED it and stated it publicly, ALL others support this tyranical piece of legislation.

HERE is what all is in the bill:

Seriously sit down and listen to it, read about it, learn about it. It is passing you by and taking YOUR freedom with it.

This law does not care if you have done anything wrong or not.

  • This law doesn't care if you have ever been bad before
  • This law doesn't care what color you are
  • This law doesn't care what religion you are
  • This law doesn't care if you are old, young, a baby, man, woman, child
  • This law doesn't care, if they kill your son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter
  • The law didn't care when they killed BRIAN TERRY former Border Partrol Agent killed in FAST and FURIOUS by our own Government who lied fat ass Janet Napoliano.
  • The law doesn't care if your kid hasn't been in trouble before,
  • Martial law doesn't care if you get fondled, shot, killed because you had a pen in your hand.
  • The law doesn't care about your kids they will take them, they will create some lie that makes you look bad,  don't worry they will get you because they will go via the school such as California where they are forced to wear bracelets that monitors the kids,
  • This law lets teachers have kids write essays on their parents and don't tell the parents,
  • This law lets schools give your kid GARDISIL SHOTS (and other unwanted vaccines) with out telling you

  • Abortions and condoms w/o parental notification

  • Un-warranted search and censures

Holder gets away with murder,  but jo blo down the street gets fifteen years for the same thing.  All the laws are made to control the freedoms of Americans... Communism/Fascism is but a stroke away..

Hey jeff and Linda... maybe you two should share each others phone numbers. Getting a little tired of cleaning out my email.

@Jeff HERE's some information on one of the U.S. Treaties I believe I referenced previously.  Wrote an editorial on this horrendous treaty in 2008, but it's ugly head is still above water.

Now, Jeff, if your research turns up anything different, please be sure to let me know as you have proven you have NO knowledge of the control the U.N. has over our sovereignty and guns...


United Nations Ready to TAX Americans & Take American Sovereignty -- Click below to Demand Congress REJECT the "LOST" Treaty:

ALERT: The United Nations is at it again -- and this time, with the help of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and RINOs in Congress, they may actually succeed in imposing TAXES directly on the American people and stealing American sovereignty!

We MUST stop the UN monstrosity called the "LOST" TREATY!

Adopted in 1982, The Law of the Sea Treaty ("LOST") was initially called the Third United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS III) and aimed to implement a set of detailed rules that would control the oceans, replacing the 1958 (UNCLOS I) and 1960 (UNCLOS II) United Nations Conventions on the Law of the Sea. The European Community and 162 countries have joined the Convention.

As Fox News analyst Dick Morris noted in a recent article, "LOST requires that the United States pay an international body half of its royalties from offshore drilling. The body would then distribute the funds as it sees fit to whichever nations it chooses. The United States would only have one vote out of 160 regarding where the money goes. LOST will also oblige us to hand over our offshore drilling technology to any nation that wants it ... FOR FREE."

The United States has NOT ratified this treaty -- but Obama, Clinton and their cronies in Congress are about to SNEAK IT THROUGH...

This outrageous treaty must NOT be ratified!

Remember a little thing called the Boston Tea Party, leading up to the Revolutionary War? It  happened because Americans have never taken kindly to taxation without representation -- or to having our sovereignty stolen by foreign powers.

U.S. adherence to this treaty would entail history's biggest and most unwarranted voluntary transfer of wealth AND surrender of sovereignty. LOST, which was a product of the Left/Soviet/non-aligned movement agenda of the 1960s and 1970s, created the International Seabed Authority (ISA). ISA is a new supranational organization with unprecedented powers:

The power to regulate seven-tenths of the world's surface area;
The power to levy international taxes;
The power to impose production quotas (for deep-sea mining, oil production, etc.);
The power to regulate ocean research and exploration;
The power to create a multinational court system to render and enforce its judgments!

LOST was drafted BEFORE -- and without regard to -- the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. As a result, U.S. national security interests will be severely undermined by several of the Treaty's provisions:

The treaty effectively prohibits two functions vital to American security: intelligence-collection in, and submerged transit of, territorial waters;
Mandatory information-sharing will afford U.S. enemies data that could be used to facilitate attacks on this country (for example, detailed imagery of underwater access routes and off-shore hiding places);
Obligatory technology transfers will equip actual or potential adversaries with sensitive and militarily useful equipment and know-how (such as anti-submarine warfare technology).

As Morris noted, Barack Hussein Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are seeking ratification of LOST, which could radically limit our national sovereignty:

"Particularly scary is that the treaties, once signed and ratified, have the same status as constitutional law and cannot be altered or eclipsed by Congress or state legislatures. And their provisions must be enforced by U.S. courts. Those who wish to preserve our sovereignty and democratic control over our future must rally to block these treaties."

We must stop this treaty!

The "LOST" treaty fails to address, let alone offer solutions to, the most dangerous flashpoints for military conflict facing the world. In fact, Communist China is using its  own "unique" interpretation of this Treaty to justify its assertion of control over the strategic South China Sea!
LOST is a prime example of the way left-wing Democrats would like the world to be ordered and run. It is NOT consistent with conservative Republican governing principles and values -- or, more importantly, this country's VITAL INTERESTS.
This treaty MUST BE STOPPED!

President Reagan first REJECTED the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) in 1982 because it demanded technology and wealth transfer from developed countries to developing nations, as well as adopting regulations and laws to control oceanic pollution. Jurisdictional limits on oceans included a 12-mile territorial sea limit and a 200-mile exclusive economic zone limit. The treaty would regulate economic "activity on, over, and beneath the ocean's surface."
The U.S. Senate is now being asked to consent to ratification of exactly the same treaty Mr. Reagan found unacceptable!

LOST was a bad idea then; it is an INTOLERABLE one now. Congress must NOT allow it to become binding on the United States.
The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (LOST) is sneaking through the U.S. Senate toward ratification, yet it presents an ENORMOUS threat to our self-government and our way of life. Patriotic Americans across the country need to take action IMMEDIATELY. With elections coming up, Congress must be warned that ratification of LOST will further alienate the American people that are ALREADY upset about their big-government, overtaxing, overspending ways.


The United States' provisional participation in the Laws of the Sea Treaty expired in 1998. We should NOT consider the ratification of another treaty that has the potential to further chip away at our national sovereignty.
HELP US STOP THIS TERRIBLE TREATY! If we can FLOOD the offices of all of these Congressmen, demanding that they REJECT the Law of the Sea Treaty, we CAN stop this thing dead in its tracks. But we need YOUR help. Send your Blast Faxes to every single U.S. Congressman and Senator NOW!

While the news media and most all of us are caught up with this political election (every day in every way)...the oil companies are selling out our mineral leases to foreign countries....let it be a concern of whomever you vote for.

It's too late when all those leases are bundled and sold to foriegn country investors (some are even governments).

pls, if you have yet to attention to the 'assigns clause' and utilize a good gas/oil lawyer (i wish we had).

these are not the days of the old buddy network when playing monopoly with foreign countries.

There should be requirements as to how much percentage wise or whether the investor is a citizen of the USA.  We cannot replace these natural resources.  There needs to be rules about protecting the lessor (as for many it is their place of homeownership/business...and it starts with the lease clause in protection.  Right now most of the foreign investment is a percentale as an investor and the oil company is holding the working interest part...but some like Chesapeake are beginning to sell their working interest and you as Lessor will not have any idea who will be holding the drilling interest in the future unless the oil company with the working interest has contract provisions that maintain some legit USA involvement.

this isn't like an 'assigns' clause on a real estate transaction in which the buyer could be anyone showing up to purchase the property of the seller...for in that case the seller gets paid and moves on....but in a gas/oil lease the seller is actually the Lessor and they do not have any idea who will eventually be the ones they are dealing with ...and many of the leases allow much ingress/egress on the property including carte blanche as to what is installed and how long the lease really is.

hi Jeff,   you didn't get the full point.   I am not opposed to foreign investment...I am opposed to a simple one liner assigns clause that could end up anywhere and with anyone.  I thank you for noticing this as it is an important subject that each of these candidates for President of the USa should be aware right now I do not think there are any rules to prohibit complete ownership of our natural resources via gas leases for example the government of China.   In China the landowners are not allowed to collect royalties, it all goes to the they will also own rights to our resources here via lease sales.    I think there should be some wisdom applied with some overseeing by our government when we are selling our leases abroad...this isn't just the gas or oil for sale ...this is the ownership of the exploration and production of our only natural resources via leases.

thanks Jeff,   I guess it is about the same kind of concern that we as US full fledged CITIZENS are about illegal immigrants receiving full benefits of US citizens.  If we are going to be called US citizens and pay the bill for all non- citizens to have all the same priveleges then why call it US citizenship...for who cares anymore...but I care and so do other US citizens.

Our elected officials should have been on the spot about these concerns many years ago.   It is one thing to sell products abroad as exports or imports such as furniture, fabrics, even gas and oil....but it is another thing to sell out a country's real estate and natural resources.   The link I gave above and the discussion which is several pages does speak of what I am talking about. is a major concern and I have yet to hear any voice in our government speaking out...but many of our newspapers/editorial sites are picking up on this issue such as the Washington Post.   It is too late if the bundles of leases are sold out without any clauses on the US oil companies part as to what happens to those leases.   On our part as lessors many of the leases have carte blanche to any one to receive the much of the damage in that area has already been done.   Yet we are not privy to the oil companies contracts regarding our leases (if not in public records) and they may or may not be putting certain limitations as to how far or how much or any requirements for the 'assigns' part of the lease....if they are...then great.  But I don't think they are...and our elected officials should have already got involved in this situation of assigns with so much lease sales going on.   I have written to some senators/representatives but only get a form answer that they received something and then a newsletter sent via email...I keep raising the issue though in hopes someone in authority will take a good look at this.

Pls read the comments at the link for full explanation.

well, if you are already receiving gas royalty money then it really doesn't matter because you see the benefit of the money.   The concern is how much of America is being bought out where they cannot obtain it back unless they buy it back. 

But if you are with a company that is busy flipping your lease and hasn't even started drilling....then if a foreign investor decides that he/she/government/group wants to invest but not press in for immediate drilling (holding) then they may be buying up leases to hold for the future (as they may have holdings in their own countries to drill in first)...yet you as Lessor may be getting the old line of 'we need to do this to get us (America) off foreign oil ' but not realizing that the oil company had no intentions of really drilling to get monies and the NG/oil into our own country but are really seeking to make a flip lease and profit for themselves.   So some time spent on the wording of the assigns clause could protect the Lessor from asking for another payment from the oil company if they assign, some stipulation about whether a foreign investor is involved and how much could be sold/assigned and when drilling should commence so that there be royalties not holding out for 20 there is some concern about a non detailed assign.  Some of the investors are purchasing for the future and using the info for technology for their own country to receive fracing techniques that they are learning from the oil companies in the USA...some of them are paying as much as $14K per acre for these you think they would pay that money if they didn't think it would go higher? that is why the Lessor should get involved with some kind of compensation at each assigns.

GMS brotha's and sista's  , I actually believe that because of this post here on GMS, that we swung the deciding vote to Mitt Romney in Ohio!  This statement is not to negate the rest of the candidates but is merely to show that our voice can be powerful.

so true Ron - looks like an alliance (combining delegates) could negate a brokered convention - here is how it stacks up:  Super Chooseday: Romney/Paul vs. Santorum/Gingrich 2012?

Paul has the most second place finishes to date, and as the primaries move on, Paul is getting stronger.

So Far Paul has 9 second place finishes. More than likely we have gotten the majority of delegates in these states: NH, MN, WA, VA, VT, ND, Maine, Idaho, and Alaska.

Paul has four - 3rd place finishes, more than likely the most delegates in 2 of those states:
IA, NV, MO (no caucus yet) and MA (caucus still to come). 

This is like a NASCAR championship, let's just keep getting delegates.  Consider that Romney and Paul have remained friendly throughout the campaign. Consider that many conservatives are still looking for the anti-Romney candidate...

A win will come.

It's more about counting the delegates Mark - Dr. Paul has MORE delegates than noted - the uncommitted as when they knew they were Paul supporters, they had to go for that route. 

It could be more about brokering privately than publicly... 

not really Mark - there is an issue of trust and none of them would trust each other, but I DO know, Ron Paul's delegates and support will put the 'nominee' to the required total delegates.

Heck, it might be a Paul/Romney ticket!  Dr. Paul's supporters are so dedicated they may just pull it off!


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