We have a Utica well in Tioga county Pa and are curious if it will be wet or just more dry gas?

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Way back when this whole leasing business started in the area of Tioga County, East Resouces said they were after gas and some oil in the BR/T.  The reason for their interest was successful wells just across the border in New York state.  From what I have read, the very nature of the hydrocarbon bubbles in the BR/T were due to faulting and the consequent migration of salt water into fractured limestone.  The limestone was converted to dolomite, which had more pour space to trap gas and oil.  As the BR/T was explored more, other structures, not nesescarily dependent upon faulting seemed to also provide trapping for gas and oil. The Utica over course is an entirely differrent layer, but it has a different, more pourous consistancy perhaps in the area.

Shell dumped a hell of a lot of money and siesmec effort into that particular locale over the last year.

Your maps are generalities which investment speculaters like to use to thier advantage to keep interest out of an area long enough for them to go in and cherry pick the biggest deals.  I don't think Shell throws 20 million dollars down a hole just to keep people busy.

(Sorry about the poor spelling.  It is worse than normal today.)

Are you sure shell wasnt looking for Marcellus, that seems like the better play in Tioga County. If I were a bettin man I would be all in on the Marcellus.

The Utica and Trenton were done after a hortizontal in the Marcellus. They call this a experimental well

RE: "So how come drilling companies find oil and gas in wells down 18 or 20 thousand feet, if depth and pressure cook out all of the good stuff?"

There are many factors which help determine the depths at which Dry Gas, Wet Gas and Oil might be expected to be present.

There is the Geothermal Gradient .... some areas of the Earth are "hotter" or "cooler" than others.

The type of Kerogen (organic material) has an effect.

The burial and thermal history (how deep the rocks were buried at some point in their past geologic history, what was the highest temperature that they were subjected to during their past geologic history).

The age of the rocks; older rocks have had a longer period of time over which heat and pressure can act upon them.


As a rule of thumb, you can find Oil and Gas deeper in younger sediments that were rapidly deposited (such as in the  US Gulf Coast). The 200 million year old rocks of the Marcellus and even older Utica have had a long and complex history.

If things were simple, they would have all been sorted out a long time ago.





Thank you Mr. Straw. That was a lot more than a parrot can repeat and far too thought provoking to be profitable for some people.

Isn't something going on up near Ulysses or Gold?  Get your ears and eyes open and keep 'em open.

Neal pad just reported some excellent Jan-June 2014 numbers. (Utica Well)

Production was 1,813,000 MCF for 134 days production. Excellent result! This begs the question: 

How far East & North will the Utica produce?

 The C Gee Utica well had a problem with an old UGI pipe they converted to attach to that well it couldn't handel the high pressure,now they have a new pipe line system for these wells to tie into which will hopefully be completed by October than they can raise the pressures on these Utica wells and we can get a better idea of what they are capable of.Neals had a new line already from the Marcellus wells already there.So far any well drilled from western Tioga county through Wellsboro than N,NE straight up is a Utica well.There is a fault line that follows that path south of it is Marcellus north is Utica producing shales. Shell tested just about every facit of this play before they invested in pipelines now there doing the pipelines to the Utica wells so there convinced it will pay some bills.

where is neal pad?

Tioga County, Chatham Township, PA

SWEPI Neal D 815 1V ("V" here means Utica)

41.882897, -77.418236


Ah, thanks, pa dec comments says it a conventional well? strange


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