XTO recorded the attached Gill South Unit Declaration today. This unit is located in Forward Township. I think it is the smallest unit I have seen thus far at 201 acres.

XTO recorded the attached Gill North Unit Designation 7/1/13.

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GM, I was wondering if all that pipeline work was done out there. there was a tanker truck backed up to a tank at the wells next to the dairy on the Mars Evans City road. I believe they are in the same pipelines as the wells out by Phil's.


The wells at the Marburger Dairy (Mars - Evans City Road) are in the Marburger A unit.  I do not know if those wells are on.  I can ask the well tenders when I talk to them next.  Here on Brownsdale Road the pad on the Marburger farm is the Marburger B unit.  The pipeline from the Marburger A (and Merten pad) arrives at the Marburger farm property on Brownsdale.  There is a complex of valves and pig launchers and receivers on the Udit property neighboring the Northeastern border of the Marburger farm which receives the output from Hixon, Marburger A, Merten and Marburger B pads.  That output goes past the Gill pad (and picks up that output) then on to the Rutledge compressor station (picks up the Rutledge wells) and then on to the Hicks Road plant.

The well tenders told me that Gill is producing but I have not confirmed that by personal inspection of the pad.


Phil, After the pipeline picks up the Gill pad how does it get to Powder Mill run? The line crosses Reibold Rd going down the hill towards the RR tracks then seems to be going away from the Rutledge wells. Are the Hixon wells in production? If you don't mind answering a more personal question, once your well went into production, how long before you got your first royalty check? Thanks, LewPa


The pipeline goes under the railroad tracks then under the river then up the hill to the Nicklas property then follows the Dominion pipeline to the compressor station on the old Rutledge property.  The compressor pad and Dominion pipeline can be seen on Google Maps (the present map is about a year old).  I was told that once they drilled under the railroad tracks, they just kept drilling and came out on the other side of Rader School Road.  Seems unbelievable but that is what I heard.

I'm told it take two to three months to see a check.  The two Marburger B wells have only been running for about a month.


I spoke with the well tender (the junior guy - not the senior guy).  For XTO on the west side of Route 8, Marburger A & B and Merten are producing, Hixon just coming on line.  He was not sure what was up at the Gill pad and Rutledge is not on line.


Thank you for the info Phil. I am in the A unit but I have not received a division order yet. Thanks again, Dave


A modification to the Marburger A unit was recorded in July 2013.  Perhaps that is holding up the Division Order.

Here is the phone number of the XTO Division Order Department 866-886-2613.



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