What happens when Murray Energies long wall machine eats under land that has a deep gas well on it?

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In regards to my view on Mr. Murray: I've heard him speak a few times and I personally share many of the same beliefs and core values as he does. I believe that he is an incredible positive for America, and that if he were to replace some of the folks that are currently representing our country in The White House our country would in many ways be better off.
It appears that we may differ in our views about coal and the oil and gas industry working together in our community.
What it all comes down to is this: Can we Americans continue to bog ourselves down in fussing instead of figuring out ways to work together for the better of our country?
This coal vs oil is just another example of us fighting eachother and allowing America to fall behind.
Another thing that I agree with Bob Murray about is that our country is upside down. He's absolutely right about that.
Can't those people that we vote for figure out ways to do the right thing for our country without tying everyone up in lengthy court battles or selling out to the highest bidder?
Americans keep consuming fuel oftentimes for nothing other than recreation purposes, but then whine about fracking 8000 feet below the water table. Can't have a pretty cake and eat it too!
We run overseas to buy oil from the ragheads at a astronomical price. They buy nukes with our money and we send our sons over there to fight with their hands tied around their backs.
It's due time those elected to serve America get things done right or get out of the way.

You can not hope that the wind blows, or the sun shines, to power America.

What about the rivers flowing, waves and atoms breaking.............We still need the gas and oil for transportation and to make the 99% of everthing we make and consume.

King Coal getting a dose or two of his own medicine?

Does anyone know how much of the coal is shipped overseas?


The EIAs full anual report will be out this month but here is a link to the pre report.  I didn't read very much but they say 93% of US coal goes to US power generation so there is probably less exports and more imports.  I've wondered where metalurgical coal comes from, the demand is allready high.  With increased steel demand for pipes, casing and tubing one would think demand would be higher then ever.  Maybe someone can chime in that knows the industry.  Do you need coal to make coke to make steel and does it come from local mines?   http://www.eia.gov/forecasts/aeo/er/early_production.cfm  

That half acre of land where he doesn't own the coal just got really expensive for him.... like $7,999,999,999.99 expensive.  Let the negotiations begin in SW belmont County.

What was the going price per acre for the #8 coal rights when they were originally purchased by the coal landmen?
Did the landowners get the raw end of that deal as well?
Maybe the thousands of local landowners should unite and lobby the states political leaders to outlaw longwall mining, return to conventional mining where coal and oil operators can co-exist and where more miners can be hired and we don't forever lose our water table.
Who knows, with that possible option on the table, perhaps Murray will knock off the superior mindset and be reasonable enough to work with the oil producers and the many thousands of local landowners.
Murray has the big lobby money but we landowners have the numbers on our side come election day. Vote pro oil and gas and throw the politians out that view coal as superior and that hold us all up from harvesting what is rightfully ours and not under control of the big coal interest.

Maybe all of the landowners who could potentially be harmed financially by Mr Murray's attempt to impede the oil and gas leasing need to file a class action suit against Murray Energy. Based on our early coal deed language, we have the right to drill through the coal vein. He is attempting to squash that right thereby obstructing our ability to financially benefit from potential leases.  Maybe it's time to stand up for a change! Mr. Murray is not the all powerful OZ. Time to pull back the curtain....

When the curtain does finally get pulled back, it will be interesting to see who all has been working behind the curtain with The All Powerful OZ and the big coal lobby.

Amen to that. Murray is someone that needs knocked off his self made thrown! The long wall wrecks total havock with people's live's and homes. Why don't we get a group of LO together to stop this bully. When the curtain falls alot of things will be revealed that has been under the Murray thumb for decades.

Asked before in other posts but what happens when oil and gas preceed coal rights? That is, oil and gas leased before coal (1898 oil and gas lease) coal severed in 1936 (oil and gas lease in effect). Seems the oil and gas rights might overide coal rights. Coal rights sold in 1960 but oil and gas lease( same one) still in effect (HBP). Now those oil and gas rights reverted to Landowner (surrender of lease) so seems they can mine Coal as long as they don't effect those prior Rights. Mind you methane gas is "gas" so would seem to fit the "all oil and gas" in that lease.
If they need to vent any gas for mining see oil and gas lease about free gas.


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