It doesn't appear that the PA DEP is nearly as good at providing current info on well status as the OH DEP.      Can we do it ourselves?      If we start a separate discussion on each well site in the county, and anyone with new info adds it to the discussion, we can maintain status.      Who wants to start a discussion on a well site in their area?

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Lou and all,

I have talked to more than one of the landholders of the thompson unit, they say that CHK told them that there is oil as well as gas. Then State Rep. Marshall stops in and tells me that on his tour of the Thompson and Rolling Acres sites CHK tells him oil and gas. So I believe that this verifies the oil part anyhow.  The other thing is that the unit holders of the Thompson well received their first royalty checks, but all that was listed was natural gas being sold. There is a liquids tank onsite that either has ethane or oil in it and I haven't been able to deduce or ask a truck driver which it is in that tank. So I suspect that they are storing the oil so as not to show their hand any earlier than they have to.

Also, I don't remember which well permits in Beaver County, but there is one or two permits that will drill to the Marcellus as well as the utica. I'm leaning towards the thin marcellus holding oil as well.

Time will tell.

Any word on how much per acre they are receiving in royalties with just dry gas?

Jason, this isn't the Jason I know from out in Ohio is it???

I posted it somewhere here, but here it is again:

August     $70/acre

Sept.       $78/acre

Oct          $41/acre

In October, either they had to limit the amount because they didn't have a contract to sell it all, or they just didn't produce all month. I know for a fact that there was one day that no gas was sold in Oct. because i was close enough to hear no noise and the gauges were on zero.

Remember that this was last fall when the price they received was in the $3.69/mcf it is in the $2.50 range. However, they may find contracts that pay more than the going rate because of the pipeline being so close to the pad. Point of sale is almost at the wellhead, most likely.

Craig - I live in WV near New Cumberland but own a farm in Hanover Twp, PA.
I haven't spoken with you before but you seem very informed.

Do you work in the O and G industry?

Hehe, no I don't work in the industry, I've just spent a lot of time online over the past 3+ yrs educating myself the best I can.  It all started for me back in 2006 when I signed my first lease. The co. then drilled 2 vertical test wells in our area. It's been a real ride since then!

If you have a question, i may or may not know the answer. IF i don't know the answer i'll say so, or even tell you what I think is the answer, but don't know it as fact.

Good luck!

What area do you live? Who drilled the verticals?

Also - any idea if that oil/wet gas tank has been emptied yet and the rate it's flowing? I've watched CHK move very quickly into my area the past two years. And since I live in Hancock County, I see and talk with locals there as well.
I have to believe that with gas at 2.60/mcf and companies like CHK pulling back dry gas production, that we are in the wet gas region of not only Marcellus but maybe even the Utica.
Any day now CHK has to disclose its production numbers to investors for last year. And since they purchased about 40,000 acres of mostly Beaver County with the Co-exprise deal in October (as the investors were screaming to stop spending money) they did it anyway. 3,000/acre X 40,000 acres is a pretty nice position.
How many acres are in the Thompson production unit?

841 acres....I live in South Beaver Twp.

The production numbers listed below by John are for 5 months.

I know of 5 horz wells they have drilled so far, i believe.

Who knows the method of their madness, but there is no way this is all dry gas. I believe they have found more wetgas or oil or both in other plays as well as the Utica. They have permits, or are in the process of getting them, for 2 marcellus horz this year as well as something like 6 more Uticas....all roughly in my area of Beaver County. Think about it , being able to access/explore 2 or more plays from the same pad. 

Keep me updated. Thanks.

Just looked at the 2011 Production Report someone posted elsewhere on this site.


The numbers for Thompson are on page 410.

Gas 535,809 Mcf

Oil 8 Bbl

118 days of production

That's great news, John. Even if it's only 8 BBL a day - we don't know the specifics if they are holding back production. Should get pretty exciting around Beaver County this spring.

Jason, I don't believe that you are reading that right, unless i'm having one of my 'dumb' days.  Using the gas numbers we have this:

535,809 Mcf = 535,809,000 cubic feet divided by 118 days = 4,540,754 cubic feet per day, which is shy of the wells reported max flow rate of 6.4 million cubic feet/day.  This number is reasonable. Are you reading it as 535,809 cubic feet per day?

Extrapolate that to the oil, and it is 8 barrels divided by 118 = .068 barrels a day. Hope i am wrong. 

I do believe there is more here than meets the eye, as I've stated elsewhere. 


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