The second half production reports for 2011 lists several wells in Wells township that are producing.  If a well is listed as producing for 60 days, does that mean that it will  continue to produce and royalties will be paid?

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Most probable is the well was "tied-in" for Nov/DEC and should continue in production. Trends? SE Brad, SW Susque look strongest again. Many areas look medium. Still no production tied in from NE Brad, must be 50-75 weells there ready to produce, once gathering is ion place. Upper Sullivan as well.




Not necessarily, ERIC.  An individual well, or an entire pad's wells, can always be shut in owing to a poor market, to poor prices, for natural gas, and/or for other reasons, as well.

If a well is shut in, you would receive no royalties for that well.  You would receive only the shut-in payment(s) called for in your lease.

Wells can also be "choked", which reduces the well's output.  You would continue to receive royalties from a choked well, but likely not as much money as you received prior to the choke. 

What would be considered a good producing well mmcf per day ?

It depends on your area. Here in western Bradford 4mmcf/day is considered average to good, but some are capable of producing 7 or 8mmcf/day. However there are some in Tioga producing less than 1mmcf/ day. They will have the tendency to get better as seismic, drilling, and fracing technology gets better. You can go do the DEP well producing site and calculate all the producing wells daily output.


If the well shows production on the reports, that means it is producing and hooked up to lines. Therefore royalties will be paid. A shut in well can't produce and will show no production! Royalties checks typically will be sent out during the 5th month for the first three months production and then every month after that.

no reason why it should not.


probably come on 11-1-11

Pike Township - NE Bradford remains without production.  They are working the Pipeline ROWs as well as gathering lines for many of the wells now.  Essentially they are working a North/south network of gathering lines in the region.


Related - anyone know what is going on with the SMOLKO wells... ?


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