Does Anyone Know if Allegheny Minerals Does Anything With Marcellus Shale Drilling?

They have some leases near my property and someone was telling me that they thought that they were drilling someone else. Is there any truth to that? I didn't see anything about them drilling on their website.

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Replies to This Discussion  is there natural gas division.

Small mom and pop operation. Looking to flip. I think they drilled some vertical Marcellus, but no horizontal that I'm aware of.

Another company for drilling. That explains it. I looked at their production reports on the dep website. They seem to be doing a lot in Armstrong county. Most of the wells had pretty small output, but there were a few that were over 100,000 mcf. Maybe they just started or something.

They have been around a long time. Made a lot of promises to a lot land owners 5-6 years ago all false. Be careful.

Ok. I'll keep that in mind when my lease expires.

I had extensive interaction with Snyder Brothers beginning in 2005 and lasting for over five years regarding coal under 120 acres in Washington township.  Went to court over their attempt to low ball the value of the coal on this acreage. I would avoid them at all costs. They ended up walking away in the end, after I wasted thousands in attorney's fees/court costs. I believe they are not trustworthy and definitely dishonest in their dealings.  "Avoid them like the plague"

The guy that I talked to said that he knew someone who signed a gas right of way with them. I don'the remember what happened, but the person ended up getting jilted. Hopefully, the neighbors sign with someone else when their leases expire.


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