Just had an offer from EdgeMarc about leasing my property -- the basics: $2000.00 per acre, 14 % royalties, 5 yr. contract.

The offers are going way down, as is the royalty % -- Shell and XTO/Exxon both were offering $3500.00 per acre with 18 % royalties in Feb. 2012.


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Has anyone else had any offers from EdgeMarc? 

Yup same offer from EdgeMarc.   True Shell was higher back at the beginning of this yr.  Signed with them in Jan only for them not to pay by the 90 day mark.  Doesn't matter what one offers when in fact they don't honor their leases/contract.  Plus their landman who was very nice at the time won't even return e-mails, call etc... rotten business imop.   I hope edgemarc increases their offer and percentage etc... to give shell a kick in the ass as I know a few who would gladly sign with someone else with shells non payment/contract obligation bs.

Lower offers and boiler plate leases by companies are only meaningful if landowners are willing to sign. If landowners keep saying no thanks, the offers will go back up. There is way too much profit to be made for them not to rise.


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