On average, how long does it usually take to receive the bonus payment for a G/O lease? We were advised it would be between 45-60 days, but (and I know this sounds silly) is that business days or calendar days? Thanks in advance! JB 

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Edit, I did notice on the lease it states within 90 business days.
I signed a lease on August 29 and received the payment in October 31 with a 60 calendar day language in my lease. Just a couple days late.

Your assuming you will get paid. Some companies just tie you up and never pay.

That's the concern. Things went smoothly 5 years ago when we signed our first lease, but I've heard varying reports lately of delayed payments or no payment at all. Still hoping for the best as the lease is a notarized legal document.

Same with me. Things with smoothly 5 years ago. Here are three of big offenders EQT, Rice and Chevron. My original was with Atlas and then Chevron bought them out. Good luck because the notary means nothing.


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