EQT is busy tearing up Crane run Rd. off Rt. 146  hauling truck after truck after truck of water to their well off red lane rd. Dont know if they are fracking or getting ready to,or just drilling. Cant see the wellpad from any rd. They are also setting up on Cubbison rd, not far west from Northstar rd.. That drill pad is very close to the rd. And not far from a couple houses. Both wells are on ODNR's website. Small acreage drilling units.  Anyone got more info?

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Is 724 an Ohio area code?



Seth covers Guernsey county and is in the area most every day..

Today EQT reported their third quarter financials and provided an operations update in answering several investor questions.

The 30 day initial production for first three utica point pleasant wells were reported.   Folks are going to be real happy west of I-77.

The production reports validate Mike Fulper's production comments above.

You can access the webcast for a week at the EQT Investor page.  

The full report link:


I see a lot of work at the Tennesee gas site..


looks like they are putting in a ACCESS ? 30 INCH PIPE LINE ??

I HEARD down the road that this area will hook into that site on 313.


Tony.. can they pul gas and oil out of the Vertical if they want..?


before they go Horizontal..


EQT completed three Utica wells in the oil window in the third quarter 2013 — with 30-day initial production rates of 286, 268, and 241 bbls/d of oil, respectively. If processing were available, the wells would have produced 41, 58, and 42 bbls/d of NGLs, plus, approximately 755, 1,082, and 771 MMcf/d of natural gas, respectively. Regional pricing was realized for the natural gas; while the realized oil price was approximately $101 per bbl. The Company is on track to spud eight Utica wells in 2013.

Tennessee Gas (Kinder Morgan K&M Energy) station 209 work  West of Claysville, Ohio.  SR 313.

K&M is re-functionalizing one of its for main lines to liquid service. I understand they are converting the 26" line to flow liquid south to the petrochemical markets. 

Regarding the vertical well, if there is a show of economical gas, for a price, because everything has a cost associated with it, they can produce gas from the vertical bore.  Bear in mind, without preparing to frack and complete the vertical well, the amount of gas that can be produced naturally without stimulation would not be very much or very profitable.

There are rumors that the EQT Midstream system land aquisition for pipeline right of way and the 30 acre compressor station and related equipment on Stewart Road will interconnect with one of the Tennessee lines N. of Claysville as the outlet for dry processed gas.   Although not said yet, I would bet that there will be a liquid line connected from a processing plant that will eventually be in the mix, quite possibly connecting to the closest liquid line that can transport product south to Louisana and Mt. Believu Tx. to the petrochemical plants, or perhaps for export. 

You have to view this as all good prospects for Valley, Jackson and Spencer Twp's.

Hello Mike, is there any chance you could find out how much tank storage the Clark wells have, are they still hauling tankers out of there, I am hereing two stories about the production of these two wells, cannot tell who to listen to

I am wondering if they are filling the tanks then hauling it out,and about how long it is taking to fill the storage tanks, Paul Wheelock

I was up there weeks back.. several BIG tanks.. not sure which is which

Last week there was one day when they took out several tankers of oil....

but the last 3 days.. I havnt seen but one or two

im guessing they fill the tanks.. and load out..


im sure clark isn't running all day every day.. not sure what there schedule is...

As I see a tanker go out I will post it....


im sure its gonna be quite awhile till any of these wells are running daily...

I don't think they want anyone nosing around up there checking on tank storage tho...:)


There are 12 very large oil tanks on the pad, six for each well I would guess.

Sunday 27th 8:30 am

ANOTHER big oil tanker seen sneaking out   :)

I don't get to watch all day each day.. so not sure about

the last couple days...

but EACH time I see one. I will RAT on em....:)  ahhaha

Monday 8 am... big oil tanker went past on the way to Clark


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