Information about drilling activity, pipelines, etc. in Millwood Township.

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Absolutely never is this business sign anything w/o a true...O/G atty. reviewing and amending!

They’ve been working on the fritz pad for the last two weeks so hopefully they finish soon and get the wells online .

Merry Christmas to all!  Bah humbug to Eclipse for not getting royalty checks out before Christmas! 

Bright side is you wont have to claim it on taxes in 2017  but still HUMBUG hahah!

Butting in, It wouldn't surprise me if they write the checks dec. 31st. Since its not when you get the check,it's when it was wrote that is considered on taxes. I'm not that smart,but that's that what I would do, Ba Humbug.

That's true Bo and wouldn't surprise me either!

Probably like last month, checks were dated Nov.22nd, but took 8 days to get to us. 

My in laws are in a nursing home and their check isn't much, I asked about direct deposit, NOPE can't do that!  let's just use carrier pigeon! 

Frank Miller still shut in?

also, a friend of mine in the McClain unit told me chessapeak paying 5 cents for gas. Shocked but not shocked. Can anyone confirm that?

David Allen Lilly is in that unit. He would know.

Thanks bo

There is a problem with the gas royalty for the last two months royalties. My stub shows no production of natural gas, I just haven't bothered to inquire of them what is going on. It's on my list, I will send them an email this week, also wanted to check with some others to see if they have the same thing reported on their statements.


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