In the interest of educating all landowners on the issue of selling their mineral rights, or royalty stream, I thought we needed to start a new thread. Everyone should feel free to add info/opinions as things evolve.

I saw this item posted on the main page by Bob, and found it to be interesting. See the link....


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Along with the article above, Bob also posted the following link which touches on value, and estate implications of large royalties. See the link...


While driving around Moorefield Twp yesterday I saw signs on every corner wanting to buy oil & gas mineral rights. The signs were everywhere & looked like they were recently put up.


is moorefield the hot spot

earl - i think yes........nottingham also.......actually most of the county is probably gonna be very good......seems dryer to the east, moving to liquids westward....but even the dry seems to be high volumes.

If anyone attended the KWGD meetings in June regarding the sale of your mineral rights (which they would negotiate), could you please share how they went? We understand that you might not be able to discuss specifics due to their confidentiality agreement, but any general info might be helpful. A lot of people live out of the area and couldn't attend their meetings. Thanks,


Rule of Thumb is if your land is in a highly productive, risk is reduced and for most hat means keep thee mineral rights.  However even in very good areas, you can turn up dry, maybe 1/30 but a risk.

2. For many their gas asset has become 50 or even 95% of there networth. That equals lots of risk.

A farmer with 200A in NE PA Marcellus, might sell 40% of his minerals at 5k$/a (400K)or 8k (640k) for producing and pay of debt, and or enjoy some sure $ and liquidity he never has had.  And he retains large upside. 


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