neighbor got renewal letter and check to extend lease for 3 more years.this is in nottingham twp.leased with cheasapeake its odd because lease isnt up till 4/16/16.anyone else  get renewed.still waiting myself

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good to know

keepthefaith, what would u suggest to do next? should my Dad contact a lawyer?

I don't know what to tell you.  I'm certainly not an expert.  It probably would be wise to get a legal opinion - not just any general practice atty either.  If he used KWGD before, I'd go to them.  If Chesapeake brought him a new contract that didn't meet the terms of the first one, Chesapeake was in the wrong.  But if he's already willingly signed a new contract, he may be stuck. But like I say, I'm not an atty.  

thank you, he did not sighn anything new yet, appreciate your help!

The language you're looking for is on page 3 of the contract if you have the same contract I have and I'm assuming you do.  

CHK just renewed my lease in the corners of Moorefield/Athens/Cadiz townships.  Received check two weeks early.  I was informed that drilling is to begin in early October.

Congrats!  Hope all goes well for you.  


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