There are six wells being drilled now. The rest will come at a later date.

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I wonder how much later?

From what I hear not much later, They are drilling the first 6 thru January. It is pretty costly to move that rig around as I was told. This is my fathers property.

I was hoping for one more new lease. But it sounds like I'll be in a drilling unit by this time next year.

How close are you t this property?

3000 feet to the South East. The light from the rig is pretty bright at my property.

You might want to call Seth Wehr from Chesapeake to see if your in the first 6 wells. A lot of the neighbors are.They seem to be smaller units then was mentioned before. Is it very loud?  He told me if its loud and there are complaints they would check for sound barriers. 

 Per ODNR's site it doesn't look like I'm in the unit. Do you have his number?  It's not too loud. But you know its there. A lot of banging. Thanks for the info.

Seth's cell is 330-422-8043. Seth just gave me the new units details last week. so I'm not sure how often ODNR'S is updated worth checking. 

Thank you very much.


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