Does anyone know the status of Freeland 1 and 2 being drilled in Glover Gap ?

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Do you know the API number for the wells?

The API No. only has a 47 and blanks after that. This was on the state application for drilling. So maybe the API had not been assigned on this document.

Ron, I need to hear anything you find out about Marion County.
I've been contacted recently, but not about our lease there.....

email, maybe?

Well, you can go here: and try to zoom in to the location.  If you're good with maps and familiar with the area, it'll do.

The API numbers for these wells are 47-049-02224 and 47-049-02225.  According to the DEP database, water management plan revisions were approved on 6/30/3013.

Here is the link to the West Virginia Oil and Gas Database:

I haven't found any info at the DEP website.  The GES website only has permit data, no completion data.

This attachment is from information Trans Energy presented back in mid February.  They operate a joint venture with Republic Energy.  They have wells in Marion and Marshall counties.  They had wells in Wetzel County, but they have since sold them.

In the information, it shows that the Freeland 1H and 2H wells have been completed and are online.  They also were issued permits in October of last year for two additional Freeland wells (Freeland 3H and 4H).

Trans Energy's focus is in the western part of Marion County.  The Drilling Program Map shows the various wells they have in varying stages of completion or scheduled for drilling.  The wells in Marion County include: Beaty 1H and 2H, Shaver 1H and 2H, Jones 2H and 3H, Michael 1H and 2H, Wright 1H and 2H, and Elliott 1H and 2H.




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