Trans Energy has a permit issued to drill a 411 Ac unit, located around State Rd fk & Hobbs Run Metz area . wondering if anyone has seen any activity or has heard anything on the Jones 2H Well.,

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Was this well drilled?  My family owns about 160 acres of oil and gas in Metz, we were contracted in 2010 and given a very very low offer which we never even acknowledged.  There are currently about 19 heirs to the rights.  Why is the bonus money so much cheaper in WV?  Here in Washington, Pa it's nearly $4k per acre?? 

Bonus is cheaper here because there are fewer natural gas liquids in the gas, and there are fewer people holding out.  

If you could find an API number for the well you could look it up on the WV DEP Office of Oil and Gas web site.

The API number for the Jones 2H well is 47-049-02184.  Trans Energy is the operator.  On 7/22/2013, a water management plan was submitted to the state.

Here is the link to the West Virginia Oil and Gas Database where you can find more information about this permit status:

Anything new happening in Metz?  Looks like progress, as far as drilling goes per the DEP website.  Thanks,


According to a presentation made by Trans Energy in mid-February of this year, the Jones 2H and 3H wells have been drilled.  Trans Energy was expected to frac these two wells by the end of this year.  I have not seen any further updates since.

Shaver 2H completed 12/15. Trans Energy and Republic venture. I understand it is producing, but figures not available until 3/15 with WV Geologic & Economic Survey. 


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