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Leigh Meehan


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ALLYOU ARE OUT THERE RESPOND WTH ''whats happening "' surface activity….if any … expiration……deep rumors.. buy outs…..boundry line tree poachers……whats happening in your neighborhood….

That's for sure! Lots of people have been through here. Some have come here to get info and left. Some have come here to complain and some have a lot of concerns. Right now it is very slow in Mercer county. One company "Hilcorp" seems to still be in the mix. I guess as leases start to expire we will see what happens. I am hopefull that drilling will start to pick up in the next few years.

Cory: is Chevron working on the 2 wells in the Jackson center area?

I drove past the Bowser pad a week ago today.  Didn't see any activity, but the pad cannot be seen from the road.  The access road is fairly long.  Maybe just waiting on a rig?  I'm only a couple of miles from this site.  I'll keep an eye on it.


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