We have been contacted by Blue Racer to survey and install a pipeline through our property in Noble County.  It will have two 16 in. lines and will not go out of state.  We were wondering if anyone else has been contacted and if anyone knows what the going price per foot is.  I posted this in the general discussions several weeks ago but thought this would be a better place for it.

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Where are you located in Noble county! what township please.

We are in Beaver twp. next to the Monroe County line,  we were told the line will be about 50 miles long,

Columbia Gas has been out to my place at least three times now surveying

and from what I understand the going rate is about $36 a foot.

Columbia project is the Leach Xpress, $36 was the initial offer, I understand that the current 'top' offer being reported by Columbia is $52. The have only 14% of the right of way under contract in Ohio as of March 10. (FERC Status Report)

Bob...do you know if these offers include payments/compensation for access roads, temporary work space, damage to trees/crops, etc.? Thanks!

The offers are have three components. The one time payment for ROW per acre, the one time payment for Temporary Construction access per acre, and a one time payment for damages. It equates to a single total figure that most people express as a per-foot price that includes all of the above.


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