Does anyone know what the orange flags are along part  of  SR78  and SR564? 

I know, not every flag you see has to do with oil and gas or does it.

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Donna:  My husband says that they are for seismic tests for the oil and gas industry.  peg

That's what I thought or hoped. Thx for the reply. Donna

Flags flags flags are everywhere! they put them where ever they want! Doesn't matter if they have permission or not....They think we have the right to come on your property and put up stakes with flags on them just because they're boosting the economy! 

Rick ...if you have leased your property to one of these oil and gas companies or pipeline companies they do have permission to come on your property. People are so eager for them to drill but they are upset if the O/G people come on our properties. You can't be upset about them being on your property if you want them to drill...... they have a lot of work to do before drilling can take place.Hang in there don't get to upset it is coming......quicker than you may think.

The Orange Flags are right along  SR564.


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