Williams is starting to drill more in Brackney/silver lake township.

we don't know production of well yet & i realize that royalty $ will based on that, etc.

BUT has anyone heard any figures being talked about from producing wells?

i've heard $10 per acre per month to $800 per acre per month.

That's a big gap.  any insight would be welcomed.

thnx & luck to us.

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I've heard $10 to $12.50 per acre per DAY !!!!!!

thnx for the reply Ed!!

On the GOM main page top left side is a royalty calculator, type in your info it will give you a yearly royalty figure divide it by 365 in a year divide by acres bingo

We are in bradford county, our neighbor across the road has been getting a royalty check for awhile now, he told us he is getting around $100.00 per acre if this is any help to you, he was on one of the first wells drilled in asylum township and was lucky enough to get hooked up to the old pipeline as our unit is drilled but no pipe for hookup.

thnx for the reply Robert!! it does help and i think it helps others also.

is that $100 acre per MONTH?

they ARE adding pipelines up here in Silver Lake which i assume will branch out to existing pipelines (or lay next to them)

good day.

Yes, $100. per acre per month, now he signed for 12.5 per cent, depends on your royalty and how much the well is producing but it at least will give you some idea.

thnx again Robert.

well, he's clearing $100 per month per acre. that sounds good. yes, i realize production, etc. & some say the longer it produces the less it will produce which makes sense. BUT some say there are plenty of year per well for the most part.

we'll see.

good luck to all & let's hope the gas co. act responsibly.

We are also seeing $100 per acre per month in Springville Twp.  This is with the low price of gas and almost two years producing.  Please keep in mind that the price of nat gas figures into the royalty amount.  Also, there is a steep decline after the first 6 months of production.  But, as we always say, it's more money that we had the day before.  :-)

thnx for the info.

can u clarify…

u are NOW getting $100 per acre per month? so u were getting more the 1st 6 months?

i know of a guy in montrose who has one acre & is (was) getting an $800 check per month. prob. lower now due to the low price of nat. gas.

we need to start using more nat. gas!

that's correct, it was more initially.  It currently is $100 per acre per month, give or take a few bucks.

I'm glad I could help a bit.

thnx, "JUSTME"…

also glad to hear it's still producing. u hear a lot about short producers.

just wish the price would strengthen.

$800. a mo. for one acre, thats pretty good, hope ours pays that well!  We are still sitting playing the waiting game for Chesapeake to get ours  hooked up.  Im not even certain it is fracked yet but I do see them up there working on it from time to time.  Anyone have any idea on as to when the lines are going to be ready to connect more wells?  Lets hope nat. gas prices pick up again.


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