I was contacted by Chief Pipeline for a gas pipeline easement across my property. As more wells are drilled, easements will become more common - but there is not a lot of info on the Web about easement contracts. Besides my lawyer, I found a lot of information at ECAMP@WHITAKERCHALK.COM. The site has a list of 38 items to consider when negotiating a gas pipeline easement and right-of way agreement.

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thanks for sharing that website. What is the current price per foot with easements? Is an easement a one time payment or do you get monies for the gas that will be running through the pipeline?
From everyone I've spoken with, the price that Chief is offering in Susquehanna Co. is $12 to $15 per linear foot. It is a one time payment and you do not get anything for the amount of gas that flows through the pipeline. Other companies may offer a different amount per linear foot.
i'm having trouble getting that website to load
try to google ECAMP@WHITAKER CHALK.COM. There is a space between whitaker and chalk that I didn't have in my original note. Sorry about that.
We just received an offer from Laser Midstream Company, LLC stating they will pay $71 per rod.
I believe a rod is 16.5 feet which breaks down to $4.30/foot. That price seems low when compared to what Chief has offered ($12 - $15/foot). Of course there may be other market factors in your area of which I am not aware.
Is there any information at there regarding eminent domain and pipeline ROW's. When and how can a gas company claim eminet domain for a pipleline ROW?
Eminent domain generally applies to for lack of a better word "transmission" lines, in other words not lines from individual wells to the gathering point along an "interstate" line. This is a simple and crude explanation but if a line connects to a particular well or series of wells it is likely not subject to eminent domain. If the company agent mentions eminent domain don't just buckle under, at the prices they are offering consider it at it's value to you. In the event of an eminent domain proceeding you will be compensated by the court or regulatory authority at the appraised value which will like be as good as the offered price. Document the contacts and insist they put any claims of eminent domain in writing.
I want everyone to be aware of a pipeline company called Laser Midstream Company, LLC out of Montrose, PA. They want to run a pipline right through the center of our property in Great Bend Township in Susquahanna County PA. We told them we were not interested in the pipleline and I would like to share there response with everyone. It seem they are in the practice of using threats to get the land owners to work with them. I don't know who these people think they are and what makes them think they can do what ever they want?

Laser Midstreams comment
Thanks for the message. I wanted to respond when I received it the other day, but I am just now getting to it, so I do apologize. I understand that you are not interested, but the fact is that the company is proceeding towards putting in a pipeline that is going to effect your property. I know that this is not what you want to hear, but I urge you to contact me, so that you will be able to have some input on it's location in relation to your property. I will continue to try and contact you after the holidays, and I hope you'll meet and discuss this with me.

James Considine
Laser Midstream Company L.L.C.
52 Church St.
Montrose, Pa., 18801
Phone/Fax (570) 278-3851
Cell (607) 237-8985
Laser Midstream has filed with PUC to become a public entity. If this is granted there will be no stopping Laser Midstream because they will be able to claim eminent domain.
All you landowners that have been pushed by by Laser Midstream, we need to push back. Please go to this web site and file a formal compliant with the PUC. You do not need legal representation for this. You will get your day in court to express your concers and compliants regarding this company. We need to stand together and speak out regarding this company.

Laser Midstream has submitted a request to become a public entity, we must file these complaints ASAP.



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