Here's another one for the group.. Has anyone said "NO" to seismic testing? Specifically, can lack of the seismic recon discourage a company from drilling in an area?

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Three months ago we had a request to make our land available for seismic testing at $5 per acre. We haven't responded and haven't heard anything more.
PGS have called my house many times. They are not able to show proof Cabot Oil OK's their activity. They sent me some kind of form, with Cabot Oil written on it, but no notorized proof of Cabot's involvement. I have not, and will not sign anything with them.
Thanks Will. PGS is pushing me hard; which is why I think they want to put a well on the property behind me. This property is 26 acres and I am 21. A well would be pretty disruptive.
I have been confronted by PGS to compete seismic testing and they are suppose to be sending me the agreement that was agreed upon by Friendsville Group, but the agreement they keep sending me is not. So we have not signed up yet.
We've been approached, but aren't going to do it. Can't see how it is in our best interest. If the gas co wants to test that's okay with me. It seems like the independent seismic testers are creating a data base for their own commercial purposes. We were offered $5 an acres to allow them to test.
I was a sent a letter offering us $5.00 per acre to allow PGS to do seismic testing on my prperty in Forest Lake.We did not respond. After about 4 mths. I got a certified letter I thought from Cabot Oil however it was PGS as I read further. I did not sign that either.
PGS is trying hard to get me to agree to do Seismic testing but I will not.
Thanks Catherine. I haven't heard any more either. I did speak to our Attorney about it last week. He advised me the companies already know where they are going to put wells. We will not stop them by refusing seismic. I still do not see us doing it. He also mentioned the gas companies have a "blank check" for taking risks. Kind of scary...
Yes Bill it is scary...I do not trust any of them and in away regret signing a lease with Cabot..My attorney told me to sign nothing so I sign NOTHING LOL..
Cabot actually sent a man all the way to home on Long Island to get me to sign papers pretaining to the new royaltie amounts because of the law suit against them. I fall into that because we signed on at the very beginning and got ripped off...Thats life I guess..From that point on I lost my trust in any of them and as I stated above I regret signing a lease..
Live and Learn
I have been approached by Geokinnetics, which apparenely bought out another company that has been testing for some of the big companies. I was advised to call the company you are under lease with before signing seismic permit. $5.00 per acre. I am sitting on it for now. We own property north of Nicholson. Any new info? Thanks. Al
Thanks Al. No. Nothing new. From what I have been seeing/hearing- if they get a 'NO' to seismic testing they just go around you. I am probably to small for them to worry about, but dam- I wish my neighbor didn't sign that full lease..
Cabot advised me not to sign permit yet because they do not have an agreement with geokinetics. There are apparently two "shoots" called Dimock North and Friendsville that Cabot has approved. My permit says Susquehanna Phase I. I am going to call someone in mangament to make sure Iam doing the right thing. Thanks and keep in touch. ap
I have some friends who own property near Montrose. They had leased with Alta. Recently they signed for seismic testing and were never paid. Today another company called and said that they are doing seismic testing for Cabot. He said that the testing area overlaps. He also said that they are not paying anything. This doesn't sound right to me. Is anyone else getting offered nothing?


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