Activity at the Kennedy Well on Callahan Rd off 362 -- Delmar - Sept 6

I am told that  last Thursday evening, Sept 6th Shell was flaring the Kennedy Well.  


The transmission pipeline and water lines run next to the well.  After the transmission line was installed and completed in late winter, it was dug up late this spring by the well access road to install the tap on the actual transmission line. 

A few weeks ago, a rather large digger appeared at the well site.  It appeared there was a collection gather line being installed from the well to the transmission line.


Shell started to flare sometime between lunch time and dinner on The 6th of Sept.

Kennedy has never been fracked as far as I know and there is one well there. 

Anybody have any insight or information? This well is in an In Active Status the last I knew.



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Any new information about Kennedy?

I haven't heard a word about the Kennedy well. Josie, as you know, I have about 15- 20 acres that are located inside the rectangle that should make up that unit (right now, the unit zig-zags around my property, which projects almost half way across the unit). I've been leased by Shell for almost 4 years, but they still haven't put me into the unit. They've paid for the lease (so they could do the 3D survey), so they could easily hold my lease by putting me in the unit. To my way of thinking, the fact that they haven't bothered to do it doesn't bode well for the future of that unit.

Hi Lynn, I think you are right about Kennedy. The only thing that could change that would be if one of Utica well over by the high school would come in big....that could open up Kennedy for Utica maybe....they are not far away as the crow flies....But I think Kennedy doesn't have a future as a marcellus well....Butler which is less than a mile north is a modest producer at best.....

I guess if Shell decides in the future to expand the size of units then perhaps Kennedy might have a life....

I'm hoping natural gas prices go way up again someday and make it worth developing ALL these areas. Whatever happened to the plans for LNG? I know there is a big demand overseas.

Just a FYI - Try this Link to monitor Well Pad Status -

Click on county, then select township. you will see a list of DEP permits, some not gas related, Subdivisions, The Well Pads are on thier and thier status and were they are with permitting the well.

There are many reasons for a well can become inactive. I have heard proper paperwork for DEP not done from some of the original drillers in the area did not document casing the well properly. The infrastructure (Pipelines) to get the gas  may not be completely established from well.

Is there any new information on the Kennedy Pad?  I just received an offer from a Shell Landman to add my remaining acreage to this unit.  The rest of my property is HBP within the Fuleihan Unit.  Anybody know what the current lease deals out there are going for?

I have heard $1000 upfront for 10 years at 12.5. Hope you can do better than that.

Where is the land they want located? Near what and what? Thanks

My property is located between Morral Rd. and the 362/660 Intersection off of Rte 660.  You were right on with the initial offer, however, it went up within 5 minutes of talking.  I am curious what people were able to negotiate for in the current climate.

How do you know they want to add you to kennedy?

If you make a deal with Swepi would you have more acres in Kennedy or in the Fuleihan Unit.

Best of success to you!



The landman told me that they were expanding the unit and my property would be brought in under the Kennedy pad.

Hi Rick, May I suggest that you have swepi put in your new lease that they will place your property into Kennedy within 90 days from the date you sign your lease?

If they are telling you that they will place you in the Kennedy as an enticement to get you to lease then make them do it.

Good luck



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